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Help need to know if this setup suits this car

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Hey I have a s14 with gt30 turbo I ended up blowing the engine and the turbo lag was really not worth the 2 second boost it gave so I got a s15 engine and gearbox fitted very high compression excellent crisp engine (I now know 6 speed is weak) with a t25 turbo.

So I lent the car to my brother while I use my skyline lol(bad idea) now it doesn't go as good or crisp as it use too but it's only been 2 months it feels like it has boost leak the turbo spools and a little power kicks in then it puds I checked 2 of the coil pack bolts are snapped and when you go around corners it puds a little the engine still feels like in good shape just something seems very wrong around it.

So I've decided to garage it and drive the skyline while get it fixed

I'm thinking about putting a gt2871r turbo with 750cc injectors and a bosch fuel pump and z32 maf and take it to a mechanic to do alll the work and dyne tune it.

I want at least over 320 hp on stock engine and internals.

Note it's got race radiator and big intercooler.

Or is there a cheaper setup with more hp for my money.

Oh and if I'm buying the gt2871r turbo should I get the t25 or t28 and what would be the difrence and when would it spool up through the rpms with stock cams 3 inch exhaust and down pipe.

Thanks I'll post some photos later today


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You would want some light cams to go with that turbo, but yeah you could get ~340hp atw with 20psi or something around there. I don't know how the high compression will affect the way the turbo spools but it is a slightly laggy turbo, I have one on my car, and it's pretty shit for low boost applications, it wakes up if you run about 18psi or so... so depends how you drive, and if you like revving the engine alot or if you prefer low down torque.


You might be better off with a t28 or hks ss if you want something responsive.

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