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S13/180sx owners Help a brother out!

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Hey Guys and Girls,

If you can or maybe know someone that might be able to help me out?


I have an s13 I need to pass EPA and Ride Height defects, so if anyone has standard springs, or standard/quiet exhaust they don't mind lending me just to pass this, i would really appreciate it!


I'm more than happy to pick up anywhere in sydney.

I can leave some kind of security till i return the part if you prefer.


PM me if you think you can help me out!

Thanks Everyone!

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thanks man^^ i've got an s14 exaust im gonna try n modify, but if that falls through i'll give you a holla!

@corey- already tried, i used to have a guy but some scum dobbed him, loses his licence for a year now... pm me if you've got any suggestions

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