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[NSW] S13 parts dungeon clearout

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Pickup from Wollongong. Postage costs extra. "best price" questions get ignored.


Clearing out stash of parts. Lots more to add.


S13 SR oil pumps $10 each

S13 SR cams $10 each

S13 SR upper sump pan $10




stock suspension arms $10 each




S13 SR intake manifolds $10 each

S13 SR fuel rails $10 each




S13 stock tail lights $20

S13 tinted tail lights $20

S13 tail light garnish $20

S13 SR set of coilpacks+loom $120

S13 SR ignitor $50

S13 SR20DET "52F00" AFM $50 each

S13 SR20DET "62" redtop manual ecu $50

S13 clutch masters $20

S13 SR20 starter motor $50

S14 SR20 alternator $50




turbo snouts $10 each

T25/T28 round snouts $20

RB20/RB26 '22020-05U00' ignitor + coil pack loom $100




S13 SR manifolds $10 each

S14 SR manifold $10

SR stainless manifold, has had cracks repaired. $50

S13 fuel pump cover/cradle $50

SR engine mounts $20/pair

CA18DET flywheel $10




GTR/stagea front control arms $50




stock arms $10 each

R33 GTST front knuckles/hubs $20/pair

S13 LCA + knuckles (no hubs) $50

S13 swaybars $10 each




S13 hicas steering rack (+lines, reservoir, non-hicas pump?) $100

S13 SR crossmember with engine mounts $50


subframe and rack.jpg



passenger window controls $20

driver window controls - missing buttons. switches work. $10

power window relay $50

180SX front guard indicators $20

180SX indicator stalks $20

"SR" wiper stalks

type x? wiper stalk

door handle covers

triangle mirror covers

mirror controls

hazard buttons

180SX hatch demister/wiper buttons

front demister buttons

180SX popup headlight button

dome lights

silvia fog light button

Token payment for unpriced things



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do you have the brake light relay that bolts to the pedal box?

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hey mate hazard light switches still available?

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Mate any 5 spd shifters for sale

And fuel tank?


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