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S15 from Sydney - Blue Impulse

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Hey there!


Long time lurker but decided it was finally time to introduce myself.. so Hi i'm Michael from Sydney


Bought this neat JDM S15 about this time last year from an import dealer.. didnt really want to go to a dealer but i figured if i was going to spend all my money on my dream car it better have some neat goodies and as i'm mechanically noobie the warranty was nice too.

It came with a few cool things like Recaro SR3s, sunroof, turbo timer, Blitz Nur spec cat back, and factory option orange cluster, but apart from that it was stock.


First thing i did was swap out ratted momo steering wheel for a sexy Nardi deep corn and Works Bell boss kit. Also picked up an Apexi pod filter and enclosure. The wheels that it came with were some random jap ones with the worst offset so i ended up picking up some Origin DNA01s for cheap and fitting those along with a set of Fortune Auto coilovers. Also have a set of Powered by Max rear camber arms yet to go in.


I dont make much money so its been a slow process, but next up on my to do list is pretty much the usual that you see - full turbo back exhaust, boost controller and FMIC. Oh and definitely have to get some nicer taillights soon... not a fan at the moment!


Anyways here are a few pics:


this random sticker was on it so i kept it haha



This was the ad



After i got home




New steering wheel



Randomly decided to drive to Mt Panorama with my cousin



Coilovers + new rims





Cant stop staring at her


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Nice car, you've got the rare Nismo cluster too



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Nice car, you've got the rare Nismo cluster too




Not a nismo cluster but it was a tick the box factory extra, they look pretty cool and light up well at night


Love the car OP, nice find with a tonne of potential

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