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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, I’m hoping someone can help. Mom currently fitting an S15 SR20DET from an australian car into a 510. I’ve gone over and over my wiring to find a fault. All of the power wires are connected 36 - ignition power (checked) 46,109 - battery power (checked) 38,47 - power from ECM relay (checked) 4 - trigger seems to be operating the relay fine 6,13,39,48,107,108,116 are all earthed. Ive gone through the list of wire pin outs at the ECm and checked each wire individually. All of the wires that I can check without the engine running are within spec except for 7 - 12.1v (data link approximately 0.0v) 15 - 0.00v (data link 3-9v) 28 - no wire 106 - flashes 0.7v for a split second and goes to 0.00v (fuel pump relay 0-1.0v for one second after turning ignition on. More than one second after turning ignition on 11-14v) I found I had to move 106 to 104 for a JDM ECU, so I did that and the result is the same. i have tried to check it with a scan tool, but I’m guessing due to no voltage at the data link, it’s not talking to the scanner. are there any other wires that need to be swapped going from ADM to JDM ECU? is there a way of checking if the ECU is actually JDM? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. Toyota Corolla KE70 $700

    KE 70 Corolla. Runs and drives, brakes work good. 4K engine, manual gearbox, new spark plugs. Comes with 4 spare wheels. Bit of rust in bonnet and boot lid. Also below fuel filler. Good project car, it's fully stock has not been modified at all. Pick up from Horsham Vic... $700ono
  3. Hi Everyone ! I have designed and manufactured a bracket to suit the classic Skyline into Silvia front seat swap which is currently in pre-sale for shipping next week ! So gone are the days of having to weld on your own custom plate or even running just 3 bolts (hopefully not to many people have gone this route). Now all you need is a spanner, a ratchet, a couple sockets and a nice Saturday arvo and your ready to hit the track with some sweet new seats ! Here is a link to my website where you can have a look if your interested Also use the code "presale20" for 20% off until next Friday. http://www.guerrillaautomotiveinnovation.com.au/#!product-page/cba4/e5d5ea33-8a57-5899-bf68-4a47dd2615f5 Any feedback, questions and even criticisms are encouraged ! Happy cruising Michael @ GAI P.S Moderators I checked with Loz before posting this to confirm it way okay
  4. Doing a Sr20de to sr20det swap soon. Need a few pointers on some things i will need to buy and if there will be any problems that might occur? First of all, would it be easier to when i pull my NA engine out should i take the gearbox with it, or should i just leave it on the chassis and just drop the sr in and bolt it up? Second, am i going to need coils packs to be able to run this car or can i use the spark leads from the distributer? Can i use a T3 turbo from a r33 skyline stock nissan turbo to run this her? (as a low mount) Due to that i don't have enough money for a sr turbo. And my brothers old stocky turbo is gathering dust in a box. Will i need to get her tuned after doing this swap? Due to this will be my daily. Last but not least, can i just run this setup without a bov to make extra zuututuuu? However i will be buying a hks bov when i get some more doe. Atm i have on my shopping list. DET loom, DET Ecu, intercooler (side mount) and piping. Exhaust manifold, dump pipe (welding a r33 dump to fit), turbo oil lines, obviously the SR20DET blacktop out of a 180sx non vct, and possibly the coil packs. Have i got everything? Thanks for reading really need some advice on this, since im doing this swap by myself and a mate.
  5. Hey buds I'm doing a sr20det swap because my Sr20de clapped (big end knock) and my silvia has an immobiliser. In my swap i have a loom, injectors etc blah blah blah i have it all. But will the immobiliser be a problem during my swap? or when i plug everything in should it all be good and run fine? Cheers
  6. Hey guys new here, Ok done my best to scour this site for all information needed please dont tell me just to 'chuck a sr20det' in it as this is the engine ive decided to stick with since we had most of the stuff available and cheap to do for a project not after huge power (yet, turbo is the long term plan) and i know about the bonnet clearance issue but im sure I can get it to fit. (sitting it low, maybe a custom bonnet mould or foward facing plenum?) So far this is the shopping list: R31 donor car A31 cefiro/R32 crossmember Ford Cortina mounts 'C' stamped gearbox crossmember R32 radiator whitline sway bar tailshaft ?!?!?! diff??? Weld up a bash plate to protect my low sump a good idea? I'm also pretty handy on a welder so I dont mind cutting and welding If thats whats needed to make this project cheaper/easier Is there anything else I'm missing??? Possible to keep A/C? (lol) Thanks in advance I'll make a build thread when i get this project underway
  7. Swap golf gti for 180sx

    I have a mk 5 gti 3 door with all options 91k on the clock and i am willing to swap with cash my way for a nice 180sx. I have pics of the golf if you would like to see. Full Volkswagen service history since new, 93K used as a daily driver, Always garaged, Smoke and pet free, Supplied RWC. Recently Serviced.
  8. Hi all, First time poster and a complete noob to the Silvia/180 world so apologies for the potentially novice questions. I just got a 180sx rolling shell that I am intending on putting a new SR20DET in and getting registered. This is my first project car and I am using it to learn. (however my daily is a Stagea so I've learnt a bit out of neccesity as things break haha) My question (I did search the forums but couldn't find a solid answer, particularly for someone who has never done an engine swap before). Originally this car had a "Red Top" SR20DET and I am potentially going to drop a "Black Top" SR20DET in it (only because they are seemingly more readily availble at the moment - would happily drop a red top back in if available). Is this going to be a straight swap? I guess I would have to get a new ECU but beyond that are there any differences I need to be aware of? Also I assume this wouldn't be a problem for getting it blue slipped as it is still an SR20? Any help would be great and apologies again if this has been covered. Thanks,
  9. S15 Engine in S13

    Hey everyone! I'm only new to the forum, signed up because I'm well and truly stuck. I've searched online for hours or multiple forums to no avail, so I'm hoping some Silvia guru can help! I've dropped a S15 SR20DET into my S13. Everything is bolted up, just need to make some new intercooler pipes to fit. My issue is with the wiring. I'm completely clueless; no idea where to start. I have the S15 ECU and wiring loom, so the engine side of the wiring is done, easy. It's the wiring to the S13 dash that has me stuck. I can't even find any sort of diagrams to help me. There doesn't seem to be much info out there regarding S15 engine's in S13's. However, the guy I bought this S15 engine from had it running perfectly (dash and air con, etc included) in his S13. Unfortunately he isn't very available to get information from. Obviously, a step by step walk through would be amazing hahaha But I understand people wouldn't have time to do that for me. So any help would be useful! Advice, pictures, links, anything! I will post pictures of the build when it's finished I'll also gladly post any additional information or images if needed, just ask. Thanks again in advance! I've heard a lot of good things about this forum
  10. So, I have been enjoying my s15 very much lately, and I’m quite happy with the awesome little sr20det unit but I got to thinking late one night while on Google about people swapping the iconic straight 6 rb26dett into the s chassis cars. Did some research but didn’t turn up any concrete reading material or opinions. If I was to spend 7-10 thousand on the sr20det over x period of time and aim for around 240-50ish rwkw would you think it’s a better idea to just put that sort of money toward an engine swap that is putting out similar power in its stock oem form? As opposed to spending money modifying an engine to reach said power level but hinder its life and reliability/driveability in the process? As the topic says, this is just for general talking/chat/opinions. Try to keep the hate between each other to a minimal What would you say is involved for the diy man to do such a conversion himself if they had access to friends with welding skills, good knowledge on the Nissan engines and mechanics etc. and was to leave tuning and final set up to a reputable shop? What parts, components, custom work, tools would be required? For a street car, how would you go about engineering it, insurance? Thanks everyone, hope we can get a good, knowledge filled thread going here. I’m sure many Nissan enthusiasts would enjoy a read. Cheers
  11. A few ground rules: 1) No workshops or businesses are to advertise in here. 2) Advertise what you have to sell/swap or what you want to swap for/buy 3) Provide details on condition of the item(s) you're advertising 4) Location or suburb 5) Photos 6) This is local only so it's assumed everything is pickup unless organised otherwise 7) Contact details I.E your mobile # 8) Delete your post & edit your post notifying its sold once item is bought/sold/swapped. 9) Try keep it car related or somewhat. If you have a stove for sale put it on gum tree. lastly, caveat emptor. Use some brains and be street smart. we dont want to hear how much of a dumb *milkshake* you are for being ripped off. I'll kick it off as a trial ================================================================================================ For SWAPS/SALE Item: AVS VS5 17x9 +36 rims. Condition: Fake tan orang-a-tan colour, some curbage with brand new 235/45 Achilles ATR Sports. Perfect for track rims. Wanted: set of rims 17x8 +15 - +30 5 stud for steerers. Willing to pay some cash as part of trade if the rims are worth it. Location: Blakeview Contact via PM Achilles rubber not fitted in this picture
  12. S14a 2jz swap needs?!

    Hi everyone i have a s14a with s15 engine and gearbox I was half way through my modding decided to change my goals and go with the 2jz engine swap and the r154 5 speed gearbox 2jz known for being a strong engine the engine being able to handle up to 900 hp on stock internals seems like a better option so I'm saying goodbye to all my other toys just fund this need. I know that I will need the 2jz engine r154 gearbox and the mounts,clutch, custom made exhaust,engine wiring, ecu,wiring,custom made tail shaft,but what other little bits and pieces will I need to complete this project. I'm sorry if this topic is elsewhere but I tried searching I couldn't find what I was looking for. Any information shared is well appreciated and if someone that already done this swap can tell me what troubles they stumbled on through this project would be highly appreciated too. Might aswell do it right the 3rd time lol. And also what parts would I need to remove from my current setup and am able to sell? Thanks