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Found 9 results

  1. s13 P Plate Build

    Starting a little build on my s13. get my license back soon so getting her ready for then got it in pretty rough condition needed some love and care.. had a mate help give her a good clean and replace a few parts car is pretty much stock so a great base to start interior is all there has HUD display and s14 seats apart from that just needs a good tidy and some bits re trimmed body is pretty strait but my first thing on the list is a new paint job along with a body kit ordered a BN style kit made by TeamJetSpeed here are some pics of the car before i got started..
  2. Doing a Sr20de to sr20det swap soon. Need a few pointers on some things i will need to buy and if there will be any problems that might occur? First of all, would it be easier to when i pull my NA engine out should i take the gearbox with it, or should i just leave it on the chassis and just drop the sr in and bolt it up? Second, am i going to need coils packs to be able to run this car or can i use the spark leads from the distributer? Can i use a T3 turbo from a r33 skyline stock nissan turbo to run this her? (as a low mount) Due to that i don't have enough money for a sr turbo. And my brothers old stocky turbo is gathering dust in a box. Will i need to get her tuned after doing this swap? Due to this will be my daily. Last but not least, can i just run this setup without a bov to make extra zuututuuu? However i will be buying a hks bov when i get some more doe. Atm i have on my shopping list. DET loom, DET Ecu, intercooler (side mount) and piping. Exhaust manifold, dump pipe (welding a r33 dump to fit), turbo oil lines, obviously the SR20DET blacktop out of a 180sx non vct, and possibly the coil packs. Have i got everything? Thanks for reading really need some advice on this, since im doing this swap by myself and a mate.
  3. Hey there, I've got a 180sx running a non turbo SR20DE and as the title states I'm looking for some info on the stock exhaust particularly the front pipe. So far I've got a set of Tomei extractors which come all the way back to here... This leaves a gap about a foot long between the end of the manifold and the cat, I assume I need some sort of a front pipe to go in there but I can't seem to find one anywhere and everyone I've spoken to only seems to know about front pipes for a turbo which obviously won't fit. Other than cutting and welding up a custom piece, does anyone have any suggestions on where to go from here? Any info would be greatly appreciated
  4. 330ci vs s15 - Fight!

    Hello s15 lovers! First post (y) looking forward to the many to come. I'm in the market for either a s15 or a specific BMW 330ci I've seen with 118k km's: http://www.carsales....D-3235758/?Cr=7 I've read that the bimmer's can set people back about 1-2k a year just so maintain them, which isn't terribly bad and it is in my price range. But would an s15 be significantly cheaper? Is it even possible to find one that can be a decent buy for under 15k? What would be the very max amount of K's you'd accept if buying one. I'm on my green P's still so I can drive the JDM one's yet. Here are some I was looking at: http://www.carsales....D-3233990/?Cr=2 http://www.carsales....D-3161329/?Cr=3 http://www.carsales....D-3249222/?Cr=7 http://www.carsales....D-3101640/?Cr=8 http://www.carsales....-2874451/?Cr=13 The last two are quite interesting, last one has been rebuilt very recently, but who knows how many km's the chassis has done. The second last one really has my attention, I love black s15's, sweet interior and the rebuilt motor has done 120k k's. Just looking for some thought and opinions from some of you more experienced guys. Thanks guys
  5. Hi All This is my first post on nissan silvia so excuse me if i say anything stupid :/ Im looking into this 180sx on gumtree and this is the description 1991 180sx with 2000 model sr20de motor, needs airflow sensor to start. Ive talked with the seller and he says "Im 95% sure its just the air flow sensor that needs replacing to get the car running again. I mean it was running fine before i unplugged the sensor, they're usually pretty touch and go anyway" So what do you guys think? How should i go about it. The guy is in bathurst (2.5hrs) so if i do make the trip i would really like to come back with a new car. All help is greatly appreciated!!!!!!
  6. N/A Slider!

    Only signed up yesterday but I thought I would share My ride(s) Started off 3 years ago in a Onevia Brought it As a sr20de Auto, Coil overs and 18" Euro-lines. From there I Did alot of this! Then this So i brought this. 180sx bare shell, most of the interior. It is a bit rough. But perfect new project for a clean street car. Started Preping the shell and was going to make it look all pretty! But ran out of Funds! So i put it together and took it to the track!
  7. The life and times of my two s13's Okay so three months ago I had a pretty major stack on my motorbike which means i'm out of that game for at least 12 months, so sitting in hospital I decided I would finally get myself that s13 that I have always wanted. A pretty reasonable two tone sr20 n/a q's popped up in my price range. -sr20 n/a which seems to have done quite a few k's as the cams have worn down a considerable amount. -auto (can't drive manual for aaaaaaaages which is gonna drive me nuts) -paint work has seen better days, front and rear bars are peeling few scratches here and there and some mad looking undercoat over surface rust on the roof. -factory sunroof which amazingly doesn't leak and does what it should do. -interior has seen better days the driver seat is torn and theres a few plastic bits and pieces missing that will do my head in. -blown standard muffler (sounds like ass and it's loud as hell) -suspension and steering is in quite good nick and it's all bog stock. -ugly as hell, filthy dirty 16" chromies the insides... the plans were to keep this one pretty standard maybe some coilovers and some wheels and just drive it around as a daily hack until i'm well enough for a manual conversion, that's what I was telling myself anyway, plans now change depending on what time of day it is, currently it isn't going to be registered and it's going to be a track hack with a possible turbo conversion (hand grenade motor hell yeah) and when things get serious I love the idea of a 1uz with itb's. it's now sitting in my front yard being raided for parts to get the other one regoed. This is where the trouble started! then this thing popped up for sale at a very reasonable price and me being me just HAD to go and check it out, within about 5 minutes of me seeing the car I had arranged to buy it. So a couple of days later we departed for home, smacked up front end and all. The good -sr20 auto n/a with ALOT less k's than the first one -wheels that don't make me want to vomit and stab myself in the eyes -nice clean interior -suspension, steering and brakes are all decent -body is generally in better condition than number 1 The bad It has been riced a little bit -bonnet was sprayed matt black for some reason -it has a huge cannon on the back of it (bit to hektik for me) -a scissor door that didn't work properly. It was welded on the the body instead of bolted because someone forced the wrong size bolt into every single hole! WTF! -quite obviously it has had a tap in the front which has bent the rad support a bit. current plan is to get it regoed and on the road. The future for this car will involve a full suede and leather interior, a decent audio package with a built in double din touch screen and possibly a supermade kit with a full respray. Also does anyone know if I can yank out the sunroof from the other one and stick it in this? the offending scissor door, yes only one. (photo blatantly stolen from previous owner)
  8. R33 build thread

    Hi guys. A mate told me to start this build thread so i did Make: Nissan Model: Skyline R33 S2 Year: 1996 Manual: yes Engine: RB25DE i have had my R33 for about 12 months now. i got it stock as a rock noting done to it and it was clean as. jsut what i wanted I'm slowly building it up adding new mods making it how I want it to be. So far these things have been done: Xtream heavy duty cluth Walbro Fule pump 255L Front end resprayed + new bonnet. as i hit a kangaroo on the frist week of getting it got some cheep Lenzos of a mate not the best but where only $400 New head unit and spekers installed Front and back strut braces new brake pads High flow cat HIDS blue dash lights Nardi steering wheel Hurricance Extractors coilovers HSD Nistune ecu front camber kit camtech cams 260* timming belt water pump rocker cover gasket new plugs and a dyno tuned. before all work was done it had. 110KW im still waiting for the cams to be finished. so it hasent had a final dyno but will let yous no. still have more i want to do but as listed below 17x9 D1rs or drift techs not sure. (mattblack) rear camber kit bride bucket seats brake/rotor upgrade kit maybe a new body kit and black bonnet to match rims. sway bars (whiteline) turbo when i get my blacks. so yeah guys tell me what yous think ill keep it updated and try get some photos up today
  9. Noob from Ireland

    Sup! Been on here a few times looking for info and ideas, so I thought it was about time I joined up (Avatar pulled from Facebook, sorry ) Been daily driving my S15 for over a year now, still love every minute of it. Not sure if the previous owner is a member of this forum or not... Few details and pics: She's a Spec S, N/A S15. Handling & Stance: Lowered (not half low enough yet though) on CS2's Front and rear strut braces Rear ARB, have a front one I still need to fit Rear toe and camber arms Big brake upgrade Engine HKS inductoshroom Apexi cat-back with HKS hyper silent back box. (Had to swap the Apexi box due to the police not appreciating the noise) I'll drop in an SR20DET or something bigger eventually, but she's enough fun for the moment Exterior De-spoilered, de-badged, de-rear-wiper'd! Trial Tryforce kit (looks better in the flesh than in photos but I may change the front bumper) Had bronze 17" Work Emotion CrKai's when I bought it, has flat black 18" Rota GTR's and GTR-D's now. Clear over red tail lights Tinted rear windows Interior Standard interior apart from when I stickerbomb'd the centre console and made the handbrake a fly-off one. Wanna get seats/steering wheel I'll add more details of plans etc when I'm not supposed to be working (I also take shitloads of photos in my spare time - http://www.flickr.co...otos/conorluddy) Nice to meet you