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Found 5 results

  1. Vehicle Details Year: 1998 JZX Type: X100 Chaser Tourer V Transmission: Factory 5MT Colour: 6N9 KM: 123xxx Price: $20,000 (without rims/seats/roof wing) Contact: 0424 141 211 Additional Details After a lot of thought I have decided I want to look into getting a cheaper daily/newer car. This is my third X100 and easily the best one that I have owned. It has been very reliable and a rewarding car to drive on the street and also the occasional track day. I received the car almost stock and all of the mods/parts/services have been done by myself or with the JZX guys @ 612 Autoworks. Many parts are less than 5000KM old. I am putting up the car as a complete package, but am willing to negotiate removal of parts for a price adjustment to suit a buyer's budget. The car currently has rego up until end of May, however a renewal + RWC can be discussed. Please contact me via mobile for any questions. I am not looking for any swaps unless it is a JZX90 with 5MT + sunroof with cash adjustment. Maintenance 100k service completed General service completed Tuesday 28/04/2014 New OEM diff bushes New Redline transmission fluid Diff fluid replaced Refreshed clutch master cyl New clutch slave cyl Mods Power Blitz K1-450V Turbo HKS Actuator Blitz Air Filter HKS Intake (J-Pipe delete) Blitz FMIC Denso 850cc injectors Walbro 255LP/H fuel pump Stupid rare Trust DD twin pipe exhaust Koyorad 2layer copper radiator Action Stage 3 clutch (Rated to 370rwkw) from US TRD Radiator cap HKS F-Con V Pro V3.14 ECU w/3Bar map sensor Turbotech bleed valve Tuned by Trent @ Chequered Tuning. Makes 240RWKW & 460NM of torque by 3200RPM (16psi) Brakes/Susp/Wheels Znoelli slotted front rotors Znoelli front pads Fresh OEM rear pads Almost new Silkroad RM/A8 coilovers TRD swaybars Tom's triangle brace 18x9/10 Blitz BRW 03 rims Nexen N6000 all 80%+ tread GSP purple wheel nuts + lock nuts Interior/Exterior OEM weathershields OEM lip kit Clear side indicators Clearworld smoked corner indicators No spoiler boot (no holes) Rare OEM factory rear visor TRD gear knob 2x Bride Brix 1.5 seats on genuine superlow rails Polk audio speakers Alpine head unit Alpine 5ch amp Mongoose M80G 3pt immobilizer/alarm/keyless entry Things that may need attention in future (I want to be completely honest about condition as the car is a very solid package overall) Castor arm bushes are a bit cracked Rear upper arm bush has a bit of play Rear quarters have small inside-out pin dents (common on these cars due to only a single skin panel) Drivers mirror has a bit of free-play movement General wear and tear on paint few light scratches here and there. Front bar and lip has stone chips etc. Small scuff on corner of rear bar Pics:
  2. 1999 Toyota JZX100 Mark 2 - Series 2 Mission: Automatic Kms: - 165,xxx Info: Daily driver for the past few months, Interior is perfection no rips/burns non smoker.. Stock headunit still in vehicle, has Toyota option Bin in the passenger foot well. Exterior has a few little scrapes but still very clean.. If somebody wanted perfection then a respray of the front/rear bar to get rid of the typical parking scrapes would make it immaculate. 2 Small tints on either side of the boot, seems like somebody has put a large object in the boot and its hit both sides from the inside.. Vehicle is virtually stock standard SARD Radiator Cap - HKS Panel Filter and 32 GTR Wheels. Only been in AUS approx 6months and has been a daily driver ever since, Fully serviced top to bottom. Great for long drives awesome on fuel and comfortable. Reason for Sale: New car nearly completed, not in a super rush to sell so don't bother with low balling, Will be listed on carsales anyway. Price: $13,000 ono.. Contact: PM
  3. Our sale for this week is ISC N1 coilovers for JZX90 - JZX100. Get in quick for $999!! http://www.isccoilovers.com.au/jzx90--jzx100-isc-n1-coilovers
  4. SA jzx100

    Hi guys, So i drifted onto this site for the time in about 4yrs since i have left nissan and thought there wasn't really any decent info to be gained since owning a toyota, anyway i will throw up a quick hello and show my ride. The car is a factory manual 1996 jzx100, when i first got the car it had the usual exhaust, front mount and rims. since owning this car i have thrown a lot of $$ on parts, being a chaser parts are not generally cheap. anyway it has the usual aftermarket parts turbo, injectors, sways etc cheers correy
  5. JZX100 Chaser - RPF1 Goodness!

    Hey all, Finally got myself a Chaser! I started off with a Nonturbo S13. Loved it to bits, especially as it was my first car. But the auto gearbox and the NA SR20 were a bit dull, and when the auto started to fail on me I thought it was time to sell. Made a tidy little profit and was on the hunt for a Chaser! Inevitably, I ended up rushing into things and ended up with an R34 4DR (Major regret) After catching a 11hr bus to Melbourne and a 10hr drive back to Adelaide(with no stereo!) it turned out, I hate Skylines. The aircon didnt work, the two front windows didnt work, the paint was shit, it wasn't comfortable and was awful on fuel. I just didn't like it, and I wasn't happy with it. Plus, everytime I saw a Chaser I would get pissed off! Soooo I sold it, made a small profit and hunted for a Chaser. (This time knowing to wait for a car I wanted!) After looking around for a month or so, missing out on a few great cars, I came across this. Exactly what I was after! Interior is immaculate Pearl White Auto Lip Kit Factory HIDS 105,000kms on the clock TRD 3inch Catback Exhaust After about 3 weeks of back and forth between the seller and I, it was in my driveway on Friday! Could not be happier, such an amazing car. Makes me even more angry about wasting time on the Skyline! Immediate plans are: S2 Tailights Clear/Smoked Corners Alpine Headunit TRD Grille Panel filter (Heard pods are shithouse?) Future plans: Coilovers (Maybe BC, HSD) Wheels (Thinking VSKFs, something with dish) Front mount MV Automatics Shift Kit + High stall AMPerformance Dump AMPerformance TwinTips Tomei Arms M8280 Apexi Power FC And thats about it for now, plans are to have a nice cruiser!