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Found 7 results

  1. Sold my S15 a few years back and found these GKTECH V2 rear camber and rear toe arms in the garage. They are still in the box and unused, only opened the box to inspect when I bought them. $160 each or $300 for the set. Please contact me on zero43000095two if interested. I don't go on the forums much. Pics of box below: http://imgur.com/5rBwzxd
  2. Rear Hardrace camber arms are brand new in the box have not been used all new bolts, stickers, in wrapping still! $200 Firm HKB boss kit been using only for a year includes the airbag delete if needed $100 FIRM Location: Campbelltown, Sydney Contact: 0405185372
  3. I am trying to sort out my s14's suspension before i go in for a full alignment, so am in the market for some camber and toe arms. The car is primarily a daily (90% street / 10% track). Currently i only have Greddy coilovers all round and a strut brace. Was really liking the gktech products but they are sold out till the version 3 gear comes out after July. However they still have s13 toe arms instock at clearance prices and if i am able to make it work id like to grab one while their available. From my limited knowledge i though s13 and s14 toe arm were the same as ive had friends say they've used s14 arms on their s13. Can someone please tell me i am able to make these work for my s14? From the site says there is a 5mm difference in the rose joint insert, am i able to drill this out to fit or something? or possibly purchase different inserts from somewhere to use? im assuming they are just press fit http://www.gktech.co...-late-july.html Also can anyone point me in the direction of sub $200, decent quality camber arms. From previous threads i've read kkr and isc are under par but unsure if they have improved in quality. Also seen Hard Race available at a few shops including justjap. Decent?
  4. OK so I have worked out what wheels and springs I’m getting (starting out with basic mods first) Wheels F: 18x8.5 +16 R: 18x9.5 +24 Work s1 3p Meister Coilovers: Silk Road RM/A8 I eventually plan on working my way up to some performance mods but I’m going to take is slow so I can appreciate the s15 at every stage of the build. Aiming for 200-240ish rwkw in the end. Primarily street driven, weekender, only sees a track maybe 2-3 times a year. What I’m unsure of is when would/should I be upgrading the suspension arms? There are adjustable arms for caster, toe, camber, upper/lower control arms etc.. I don’t want to just throw money at the car for no reason, I want to be sure that the mods I’m doing have purpose. So, when would I need to upgrade these components? Thanks guys and girls. Cheers.
  5. Follow ISC Australia on facebook to keep up to date with our newest products, motorsport and also our sales!! http://www.facebook....ilovers?fref=ts $1499 PER SET ISC N1 **$1199 (limited time only) -AUSTRALIAN MADE THRUST KIT ($100-cost price) -$750 PER PAIR -$50 PER EXTRA SPRING -12 MONTHS WARRANTY -CHOOSE YOUR OWN SPRING RATE AT NO EXTRA COST -32 STEP DAMPER ADJUST -HEIGHT ADJUST -BOUND ADJUST -CAMBER TOPS -EXTRA CAMBER ADJUST VIA BOTTOM BRACKET -NON GENERIC -AS USED BY AUSTRALIA'S TOP DRIFTERS RYAN PROBERT-0413804117 VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION.......ISC WEBSITE ISC coilovers were first distributed in Australia in early 2006. The coilovers have been sold through out Asia, America and Europe for over 10 years with a very positive response. Our coilovers are produced at our own workshop by qualified technicians, designers and quality control personnel. Some of the designing is now carried out by our very own team in Australia making the coilovers more suitable for the Australian market. In 2006 our company supported Danny Vahoumis "the godfather of drift" through sponsorship. Danny proved the durability of our products at the top level of Drift in Australia, collecting podium finishes along the way. In 2007 ISC supported the Wheelworx 3 car DA team consisting of Tom Monkhouse, Adam May and Linden Reynolds. Once again this demonstrated that our coilovers can perform at the highest level of motorsport, this was evident when Tom Monkhouse finished first at RD3 in Eastern Creek. Over time our products have become more popular, thus constantly updating our performance range in order to bring you the best quality products at an affordable price. Currently we are sponsoring Danie Prior in his 1.5JZ S13 silvia, In 2011 Daniel was very consistent qualifying at the top of the field in each round and also finished 2nd and 4th outright in 2 rounds. The silvia currently competes in the SA G1 series but hopefully in the future it will compete in a variety of events around Australia. Another car we are currently sponsoring is the ISC Time Attack S14, this car has the whole ISC suspension package along with other ISC parts such as radiator, intercooler etc. The car has competed in 5 local Time Attack events finishing 2nd,1st,1st,2nd,2nd in RWD OPEN Class, the car also travelled to Winton for the 2011 SAUNATS and took out 2nd place in open class (first time on the track). ISC Australia has just released new thrust bearing kits for its range of N1 coilovers. These kits are manufactured in Australia, using high quality Japanese bearings. The addition of the bearing kit to your coilovers will add faster and smoother steering response, and allows better spring compression. Another huge bonus is that it takes a lot of stress away from the pillowball giving it a longer life. Kits are available for purchase with N1 coilovers for an additional $100 (below cost price) or can be purchased seperately for $149 a pair.
  6. Hi there, Im in the process of buying rear camber and toe arms for my s13 If people could post up what they are currently running on both front and back, with opinions on quality, comparisons, etc that would be awesome and helpful to not just me but others I have done some research on STANCE, GKTECH, and few other brands but still not sure which option to go for. Thank you for any future import
  7. Package 1 = $425 (normally $517) Adjustable rear camber Adjustable rear traction Adjustable rear toe Package 2 = $499 (normally $676) Adjustable rear camber Adjustable rear traction Adjustable rear toe Adjustable stabiliser bar Package 3 = $349 (normally $437) Adjustable rear camber Adjustable rear traction Adjustable rear hicas Package 4 = $699 (normally $875) Adjustable rear camber Adjustable rear toe Adjustable rear traction Adjustable stabiliser bar Adjustable front castor If purchased seperatly: Adjustable rear camber = $179 Adjustable rear toe = $179 Adjustable rear traction = $159 Adjustable rear stabiliser = $159 Hicas lock bar = $99 Adjustable front castor = $199 Alloy subframe spacers = $125 R32 front adjustable camber = $349 R33/R34 front adjustable camber = $399 Silvia front adjustable LCA = $399 Silvia rear adjustable LCA = $449 350z adjustable rear toe = $199 350z adjustable rear camber = $199 silvia strengthened tie rod kit = $199 PU silvia engine mounts = $125 PU silvia gearbox mounts = $125 PU silvia engine and g/box mounts = $225 Whiteline adjustable swaybars = $249 each Hydraulic handbrakes = $249