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Found 124 results

  1. Within the next few years I'm going to be doing an engine conversion on my 180sx. Currently it's running a silver top sr20 n/a. I'm going to either swap in a turboed sr (blacktop topnotch version) or a rb26det (single turbo conversion) The goal for the car is to be a daily but semi show car. I'm not looking for massive amounts of power but I will be rebuilding the engine, forged internals, cams, etc etc. The at I assume will be easy, out with the old in with the new basically. And the rb will take more work, R32 front front end, ecu, wiring, tail shaft, gearbox, sump, brakes, and a few other things. Has anyone done a rb26 in a 180 in this forum that's can help out with pros vs cons and questions about it? I'd like the car to be clean have a working aircon, reliable, and handle like its on rails. Cheers in advance
  2. s13/180/... Bosskit, good condition/quality $50 s15 pair front seats, good condition $300 s13/180/32/... Rear subframe, has solid bushes(maybe risers?) std arms $100 180sx rear hatch, white, paint avg, good glass $50 s13/180 steering rack, suit rebuild $20 180sx non sunroof roof liner, good cond $40ono Jinyu tyres, couple pairs yh12/yu61 BRAND NEW! 205/55/16 x2(pairs), 205/50/16 x2(pairs) $120pair 32 gtr wheels, one has rash, rest good cond, 2 have caps, $500 or $700 with brand new tyres Melb North suburbs
  3. hks gt-rs turbo on standard manifold with genuine tial 38mm external gate and screamer pipe. The internal gate is wired shut so can be returned back to normal in a few seconds. Excellent condition minimal play, comes with all the braided lines. It made 289rwkw on e85 and 20 psi. After $1300 or $950 for turbo only and $350 for manifold, gate, screamer. The motor is also for sale, it has hks 264/264 cams and rocker stoppers. Im keeping the sump I still have to take it off. I would keep the cams but cant be stuffed removing them so don't ask. After $1200 In Adelaide northern suburbs, ring Chris on zero four 01483906
  4. Hi guys Noticed at time attack yesterday that my car was leaking coolant, jacked her up and had a look underneath and could see coolant leaking from a bolt/line on the turbo Anyone else had this happen and how much of a pain in the ass is it going to be to fix ? Also took a video and posted it on youtube showing the drip
  5. Can the old haltech e8 run the flex fuel sensor and take advantage of using mixed fuels? Also Is there any highly recommend features on the platinum series ecu that the e series doesn't have? Keep in mind this car is mainly street but looking for around 350rwkw
  6. I have a highly modded RWD SR20DET (red top), but it isn’t performing as I would like. Basically the powerband is too narrow and high in the rev range. I’m fairly new to SR20’s and turbo cars in general. Can anyone help me out? The motor is in a gravel rally car. The ideal attributes of a 2WD gravel rally car are: No lag A fairly progressive (i.e. linear) power curve (to limit uncontrolled wheelspin) No need for more than 185-200rwkw (as you can’t put that power to the ground on gravel in a 2WD car) On boost as early as possible in the rev range Big torque down as low as possible. Targeting 150rwkw by 3500rpm (earlier if possible), max power in by 4500rpm (earlier if possible) Motor shouldn’t need to spin over 7000rpm Reliable (Fairly similar to a good/basic street setup?) The motor already has had a fair bit of coin spent by previous owner, and currently has: E85 setup (1000cc injectors/ fuel rail/ pumps/ surge tank/ etc) 11.4:1 static compression Billet crank, forged rods and CP pistons Custom exhaust manifold, similar to a twin scroll/ scavenging setup, very professional External Tial wastegate plumbed back into dump pipe (feeds primarily from cylinders 2/4 on header manifold but is fairly close to collector) Custom dump pipe and 3’ exhaust, no cat, very minimal muffler BC Stage 3 cams – 272 degree with 12.5mm lift Solid lifters, Tomei rocker stoppers, BC retainers and springs, adjustable cam gears T25G turbo? I'm guessing its a T25G, it has 0.86 turbine housing and a 0.8 compressor housing and looks (to me being a noob) like the stock S13 turbo. Internal wastegate is currently lock wired full open(?) Electronic boost controller Inlet manifold of unknown origin (single plenum and throttle body, with short/straight inlet runners), all vac lines disconnected/plugged (external oil catch can) Unknown Nissan throttle body Runs a Link G4 Stock intercooler/ water spray bar/ 2 ¼ inch inlet piping Pod filter At this stage, I am looking primarily for advice around the following as I think these are the areas where I can most easily achieve my goals: Which stock SR20 turbo would be the best for this application – i.e. T25G or T28XXXX, and what trim/ wheel size combo etc. The rules permit only OEM Nissan stock SR20 turbos to be used - nothing else. Is lock wiring the internal wastegate full open and relying on the external electronic boost controller a smart move? Surely with the wastegate open all the time this is slowing the build of boost? For the target power and revs, could that be accommodated by the turbine alone and the internal wastegate lock wired full shut, or do I need something to control the internal wastegate so it’s switchable? Which inlet manifold to use. I’m thinking S14 or S13 would be better than the large plenum type, given the longer intake runners to bring the mid-range torque up, and of the two I am thinking that the S14 one has longer runners and should be better? Are they bolt up to the S13 head? Would a throttle body setup be of any benefit (i.e. the EFI concepts ones)? What throttle body would best suit (does it need to be a larger one than stock if I am only chasing less than 200rwkw)? Which cams would work best for this desired powerband? With the minimum of compatibility conflicts with the rest of what is in the head already? Is there anything else I should be doing to make it better? I’m interested in the ‘why’ as much as the recommendation. All advice greatly appreciated – as I am fairly noob at SR20! Thank you!
  7. Hi I have noticed that my car seems to be making a bit of belt noise from what sounds like the PS belt I am not sure when the last time my cars belts were changed so I have ordered a set of gates belts to have them replaced In the mean time I figured I would see if I could adjust the belt tensioner. I know what bolt the tensioner is. However my N00b question is this Turning the tensioner nut so it is moving outwards is loosing the tension on the belt? Turning the tensioner nut so it is moving inwards is tightening the belt? Cheers
  8. i was wondering if anyone could give me a some information on what size injectors they think would be needed to make 360rwkw on E85 without being at 110%? from what i have read i would be looking at a minimum of 1400cc injectors. does anyone have some suggestions on brands aswell? i have been looking at the ID range they are redone bosch injectors but they are quite pricey any input would be greatly appreciated
  9. Have these up for sale. Not going to be needed for next project. Won't fit my manifold (unfortunately). Turbo is BW S360 .88ar T4 open Wg is genuine tial 44mm Turbo is brand new. WG has about 10mins idle time on it. Turbo $900ono (turbo cost me 900USD + post + taxes) WG 400ono (Cost me $525) chenery.w.j@gmail.com
  10. Looking to buy a s13 SR20 Crankshaft. Im located in Sydney, so preferably in or around Sydney area as they would cost too much to ship.
  11. Blue and Black S15

    Hey guys I've been on this forum for awhile and I've been reading on most of the build threads and I thought I'd start my own, Its a 2001 Silvia S15 and I picked it up 6 months ago, mods it are Garret 2530 Turbo 316 Low mount manifold 316 full shotgun exhaust 3A Pod Midnight Mods oil cooler and relocation kit w/ braided lines Nismo 550CC Injectors Turbosmart Fuel regulator Gktech RAS Hybrid Intercooler Gktech eccentric throttle wheel Weapon R engine dampner S14 5 Speed Gearbox Exedy HD clutch Gktech front and rear strut brace BC BR Coilovers TOG Purple Camber arms Nolathane Castor Rods Slotted Front Rotors Nistune ECU Greddy LCD boost gauge Greddy oil pressure gauge Apexi turbo timer HKS EVC-S EBC Yoshio style taillights 17x10 Lenso D1r's 17x9.5 Lens D1r's I first got the car around June last year and have been slowly adding parts, most of the mods were done by me but I recently had it tuned by East Coast Customs, it made 160rwkw on 12.5 psi which was enough for me until I upgrade to a bigger turbo next month or so. Anyway i'll let the pictures talk
  12. i've decided to sell my race car, complete or in pieces, you can find the add on gumtree, but anyways this add is for the engine and i will not sell any other part until the engine sells first. specs: s13 sr20det standard lightened crank sleeved block (darton) 90mm cp pistons with larger gudgoen pins eagle rods ARP main studs ARP head studs metal head gasket ported head ported radius edges on oil pump housing 270 degree cams with bc valve springs balanced capacity is close to 2.2 388rwkw on 24 psi, e85 im selling this as a long motor, no turbo or accessories, though you can buy these if you are buying the motor separately. this is a proven engine, it works and works well no issues whatsoever, it done two trackdays on low power on 98ron, this was to run the engine in and two trackdays on 380+ kw on e85. After both days of e85 the engine was flushed with 98ron fuel so it wouldnt sit around with e85 in it and the engine was faultless.I'll through in the intake plenum with the engine bacause it was ported to match the cylinder head, its a greddy copy. engine $7500 turbo is a t67 10cm housing with custom manifold and 60mm gate and 3.5inch dump pipe $2500 if its for an s13 you can take the exhaust too for free, its 3 inch from the gearbox back for anyone interested you can do a compression test, leakdown test, bring a bore scope and hear the engine run as its still in the car running. no road tests. this is a big motor with lots more potential, 24psi is baby boost imagine what it can do on 30,35,40 psi. call or sms luis on 0404081116 once this sells i will put a list of everything else for sale, lots of good parts!
  13. So I bought a 180sx recently with a blacktop sr20det, when I went to replace the spark plugs noticed heaps of oil in the spark plug wells. I bought a gaskets set for the valve cover and plugs off taarks, going to pick up torque wrench set (following the Japanese version of the sr20 180sx manual) but wasn't sure if I needed any gasket glue? Anyone had experience changing the gaskets and know if I should be using any glue. I couldn't find it listed in the manual so not sure if I should use any or not. Also anyone have any tips on changing this stuff over haha, thanks in advance for any help.
  14. Hey hey, Up for sale is my '89 '200sx' according to the rear glass. So she's had a bitta rough loving and one day when I was minding my own merging onto the highway some jackass rammed up her ass in his neat little BMW. Long story short, he was unlicensed, uninsured and I ain't no one gonna pay for the damage. The car has repairable rear end damage, the rear RH chassis rail is slightly bent, fuel tank is busted, RH rear quarter is folded a tad and the whole rear boot assembly/internal bumper will basically need replacing if you ever want it road worthy. I was quoted $3.5k to have it back to road worthy, but then the pearl paint is another story. Other than that, she goes like a cut snake. Parts include, 2 Front doors Steering wheel An interior Power windows Busted A/C, fans gone loco (But it's the fancy digital one) Some colourful headunit, a stereo and some speakers in custom white vinyl. And the usual shit you'd expect Engine- SR20DET Greddy TD06 Turbo Front Mount of some sort Apexi PowerFC and Hand Controller Apexi AVC-R Boost controller Dual 2.5 inch exhaust and possible extractors, who knows. 5 of the floor transmission Suspension and that f**ked - Yeah she's rooted. Coilovers were taking out and some other shitters put in and now she's a bit bouncy R200 casing with some sort of LSD, yeah the one with the fancy fins on it. All I know is when you plant it she likes to go sideways Wheels- 18x10 and 18x9 true 3 piece deep dish rare as f**k rims, forgot the brand but they go alright. Exterior- Custom widened rear quarters Fibreglass widebody front quarters Smoked tail lights Some fancy mirrors Rear glass that says "200sx" HID bulbs, still f**king useless though I couldn't be bothered to have a closer look at the car for particulars but if you are interested in anything throw me a line and I'll take a gander. Asking price is $7k neg. coz I can. If I can't get what I want I will be parting it out. Looking to swap for a clean BMW e30 2 door or CASH. No f**king commo's or dirt bikes. Get f**ked. And NO you can't come and have a f**king look. Cash money or f**k off. You can get me on here or call me on 0404 27 00 94 Oh and I am located in Brisbane
  15. PPG Full 5 Speed Dog Box and short shifter. Paid for PPG to assemble, so the centre plate is epoxy filled as they require. Wouldn't have even done 1000kms. Have been putting a car together for years, but as time went by more things were on special and now the engine has got way out of control. PPG rate this box to 600hp on their website, but it wont cut it for our plans now. The car has turned into an all out drag car when it was going to be a regoed weapon... The box has only been behind an SR with 265 at the tyres and has really been cruised. It has not had oil back in it since it was stripped for first inspection, and all is MINT. Any inspection is fine! The case has not been siliconed back up so you can have a look for yourself:) Is a sensation to drive with. $6500, Located in Brisbane Phone: 0412 47 44 77 Email: dean@ctts.com.au
  16. I have for sale a brand new CES Racing twin dump pipe to suit either SR20, CA18, RB20 or RB25 motors. This particular dump pipe I was told is the best twin dump pipe you can get for an internally wastegated turbo SR20 motor. I bought this through Mercury Motorsport but have not fitted it seeing I have sold car. It comes painted in mat black and has been tested to give gains of 20kw. This qas the best dump pipe I could get for my car. Now looking to sell. Check out www.cesracing.com.au for more info. These are usually from $575 new. Price: $425 Pickup only. Can post at buyers expense Location: Carseldine, Brisbane Contact: 0435234580
  17. Hey enthusiasts. I have question for you regarding surge tank setups. I'm wanting to run e85 system. does the in tank pump that feeds the surge tank need to be e85 compatible? Or can I run the Walbro 255Lph pump I already have and just get a hight output e85 compatible external pump that actually runs the fuel to the engine? And what size external pump should I be using when im looking at making 360rwkw with injector dynamics id2000? Ide appreciate any information on this as all I have at the moment is the injectors and 255Lph Walbro which I'm happy to sell if needed.
  18. Hey guys first time posting but ive done alot of reading over the past few weeks. I spun a bearing at wakefield a few weeks ago and Im currently rebuilding my s14 aiming for a 300kw+ drift car. My aim is to get the widest poweband possible with 300kw+. I have searched trying to find info about when certain turbos start running out of puff and when certain cam sizes will stop making power. Friends have advised me that with supertech double springs and retainers an SR head will rev to 8250rpm if not higher so my aim is to build a high revving setup that will still make power above 8000rpm but obviously with the least amount of lag. Hopefully a powerband of 4500-8250. I am looking mainly at garret 3071, 3076, 3576 and precision 5558, 5858, 5862, 6262. and anything from 260 to 280 cams. obviously assuming adequate fuel, exhaust, 6 boost mani, built bottom end. So what turbos can still make power above 8000rpm? What cams can produce power above 8000rpm? Will a stock s14 low port manifold (with larger TB) with supertech double valve springs + retainers handle above 8000rpm? Is further headwork required? I was thinking 3076 with Kelford cams 268/272 12.00mm/11.50mm lift??? any comments...... I know this is alot of questions but i have done alot of searching and cannot find this sort of information. Most guys running that power do so between 4500-7250 which seems like too small of a powerband for all the work. Any advice from Donny and the powertune boys would be greatly appreciated as you guys really know your stuff. And if what im chasing is even possible? So far: Funds are tight so at the moment I am putting in a virgin crank, nitto rods, wiseco 9:1 pistons, ACL bearings, front and rear main seals, new oil pump, Tomei 1.2mm HG, supertech double valve springs + retainers, and possibly new oem rocker arms and hydraulic lifters (some rocker arms currently have wear marks on them). Already has ARP head studs. when funds become available i will complete the rest of the build including cams, adj. cam gears, turbo, wastegate, 3.5" exhaust, 6 boost mani, 1600cc injectors with e85 fuel setup, etc. The car is still road rego for the moment so atleast i can get it back on the road with built bottom end and valve springs in a few weeks then save up for the rest of the build over the next 6-9 months. I originally wanted to go stroker with a small turbo for a responsive 280kw with 3500-7000 powerband but its too expensive so instead going bigger with a laggier setup.
  19. Sard 850cc injectors

    Selling the Sard 850cc injectors currently on my motor. Wanting to upgrade to something bigger, looking for $320ono Please pm me or phone 0415 952 006 Cheers
  20. Hey guys, getting rid of stuff i dont need. No rush to sell For sale: Catco 3" straight through cat Price and price conditions: $40 ono Condition: Used, came off my s15 For sale: OEM driver side s15 seat only, no rail Price and price conditions: $50 firm Condition: Used, came off my s15, no rail Pictures: Text for photos Contact Details: 0415 447 759 Location: Green Valley Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Pick up
  21. Just looking for a quick clarification as to stock S14a injector size, have read various things on different forums. Please only comment if you are 100% sure. Background info: I have a s14a with s15 (440/480cc) injectors currently installed. Want to use the stock s2 ecu for now so need to know if i have to revert back to smaller 370cc injectors if that's what was originally fitted stock from Nissan. Previous setup ran an Apexi Power FC, Z32 AFM and disco potato which i no longer have hence reverting back to stock ecu, stock afm and t28bb.
  22. s chassis parts

    ARC Side Mount Intercooler suit s13 SR20DET great upgrade from factory, capable of around 180rwkw, was running on my daily and felt great, very responsive $200 s13 rear 5 stud conversion hubs/calipers/gktech handbrake extenders/rotors/handbrake lines $150 locked up well Enkei Wheels 16x7.5 +32 & 16x8 +38 5x114.3 One pair 30% tread left, other pair tyres no good $500ono Work E Wing Fins 16x7+10 5x114.3 need a clean $700ono omori boost/vac guage/ Ks oil pressure(no light) the gauges are scratched up but do work, mechanical includes tripple din holder $50 r33 clock spring $40ono 2 gearknobs suit s13 possibly s14 and others $20 (dont have all black one) just drift and razo garrett t25 turbo very good condition $100 s15 sr20det manifold/dump pipe $60ono 180sx factory wing has been distorted from age $40ono photos coming soon Melbourne North Suburbs inbox
  23. s14a injectors

    WTB: S14a stock injectors, good condition!
  24. Hi guys, I have a set of 4 brand new Nissan coilpacks to suit SR20DET (S13/180sx/S14). They have just been plugged in and sitting in my engine but have never been used. Arguably better than going splitfire/aftermarket and also a lot cheaper. Part No. 22448-50F01 Price is $350ono for the set of 4. Will accept offers + postage if interested. Reason for sale: No longer needed, going a different route in pursuit of more power. Located in Perth, WA. This is what they look like (not picture of actual)