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Found 242 results

  1. Check out 3D Racing Solutions for a wide variety of 3D Printed Car Parts, example shown below. We accept custom orders too so be sure to check us out. πŸ‘ https://3dracingsolutions.com/ Customer photos; We have not only worked on many cool/iconic cars, but we are trusted and backed by many companies, workshops and even individuals. So you are guaranteed to be provided with the best service. Improvement and growth is what we are always looking to do. If there are any ideas or suggestions that is desired, we will be more than contented to design that for you. Be sure to contact us either on messenger or on the "Contact Us" page on our website and we will be sure to make that happen. Be sure to check out our social media for daily updates; πŸ“· https://www.facebook.com/3DRacingSolutions/ πŸ“· https://www.instagram.com/3DRacingSolutions/ πŸ“· https://www.youtube.com/channel/UComnbqwBjzAWMCjY3Vig2Sg
  2. Hi guys selling some parts SPL rear arms (camber, toe, traction) $700 new good quality beefy arms selling for $400 R32 passenger seat comes with rail that (basically) fits S13 $150 S14 front brakes dual piston $150 SR20 aircon compressor, came off a type-x been sitting a long time but good condition $100 SR20 blacktop stock ECU $50 SR20 stock Injectors on rail $50 Random coil-over springs $offers located in Brisbane 30mins south west please PM me on here if interested cheers gfunk
  3. S13 loom help!

    Hey so I purchased a s13 shell that I am dropping my redtop non vct sr20det into. The loom that goes through the drivers side firewall and sits under the dash next to the fuse box, a lot of the wires have been cut and spliced kinda look like its being by-passed? Ill add photo. Is this normal (factory) or some home job? I picked up a blacktop non vct loom to try and use, I know it has the 2 fuse boxes on it for the pop up headlights, but is there anyway I can still use it to replace the loom in my s13? Anyone done this before or know what to do? I'll put up a photo of this also of what I want to use. Cheers!!
  4. Been alittle busy over the past month building my new 180sx. Pictures speak louder than words. Massive thanks to Billie(Ziptie and Fish(2jFish) for the shell and my dad(Ray), brother(David) and friends for helping out with the very late nights/little sleep over the past month. How it sat when i first went to see the shell. unrolling squashed into a garage, couldnt tell there was a car there at first Spent a couple of months trying to find the motivation to go work in the cramped confines of the garage to get it into a rolling state. But once i did it was quickly rolled out and onto the trailer and down to the workshop I gutted the interior of all wiring and carpet Ordered in some Rexkelway tubs these took around 3 weeks to arrive While we were waiting for these to arrive i ordered in my wide body front and rears from Japan, David chopped the rear guards, welded and seam sealed etc for clearance The tubs finally arrived and David got stuck into making them fit The tubs fit so well and look awesome! David also removed and gave the wheel as much clearance as possible inside the guards so my 18's would never scrub. By this time the front and rear guards had arrived from Japan. We test fitted them up to make sure everything went where it was supposed to Also purchased a new bonnet Origin Labs Type II Carbon fiber (painted though ) Ray primered everything up then we test fitted making sure that everything bolted in the correct location with the right gaps In between all of this there was alot of sanding.... Then paint went on! Once the paint was all finished i started on rewiring the interior and putting it back together David and I then lowered the car onto the engine subframe and gearbox We then fit up the wide body and put the interior in Painted the rocker cover crinkle red David repaired the exhaust system and added a Jun BL muffler Added more body parts, lights etc Replaced the windscreen and got the new roof lining retrimed black. Got a wheel alignment, drove home packed headed back to the workshop and drove it down to Port Melbourne onto the Spirit of Tasmania. All the work was carried out over a 4 week period so that i could drive to tassy for a Drifting weekend roadtrip. Nearing completion a few days we had hardly any sleep, the car is not finished by all means as there are a number of things still yet to do on it. I'll update with higher quality photos once i get them off the DSLR. Car specs: RPS13 Engine: JDM S14 SR20DET GT2871r Tomei 260x11.5mm Pon Cams Tomei FPR RAS 3" Custom Primal exhaust with Jun BL Muffler Power Enterprise 850cc Injectors HDI Intercooler with custom Piping 52mm Alloy Radiator Nismo Thermostat HKS Radiator Cap HKS Oil Cap Primal Catch can Microtech LT10s Greddy Spark Plugs Alloy pulley kit Powerbond Harmonic Balancer Rexkelway Tubs Carbon Fiber Spark plug cover Body: Painted in GMH Alto Grey G Corporation 30mm wide front guards G Corporation 50mm wide rear guards Type X body kit East Bear Mirrors Dmax Roof wing Origin Labs Type II Carbon Bonnet AME TM02 - 18x9 +15 AME TM02 - 18x10.5 +22 Suspension: HSD HR Coilovers Ikeya Formula LCA Front Ikeya Formula LCA Rear (Copies) Ikeya Formula Steering Arms Ikeya Formula Tie Rod Ends Powered by Max Rack Spacers Primal Garage xtra lock knuckles HM Toe Arms Cusco Castor Arms KKR Traction Arms KKR Camber Arms Toe Arm Brace Primal Garage Braced Subframe and solid mounts Brakes: Wilwood 4 Pot Big Brake kit Front R33 GTST Rear Brakes Interior: Bride Euro II Red Seats Interior retrimed in suede to match (Glovebox, door cards, center console) Roof retrimmed black Sunvisors retrimmed black Bride red gearboot ARC Titanium Knob Nardi Deep Corn 360mm Wheel D1spec quick release Works Bell short boss Custom Dash cluster 4xApex'i EL gauges 1xAutometer Tacho) Supermade Floor Mats
  5. Spent hours and hours searching for this large poster that came in the fsm's. All links are dead since they're from 2006/2012 etc. Here's a 2019 one I stitched together quite seamlessly (not fully) to make it readable/usable compared to the A4 sections. Would need to cut it back up to be printed if desired though
  6. new Titanium Exhaust System for sale, to suit Nissan 180sx. front pipe and dump pump included, no cat. PRICE DROP $900 PICK UP, MELBOURNE msg 0402 238 647
  7. Selling my titanium exhaust system, suits 180sx / type X NEW, for only $900
  8. Hey guys so recently my headlights began to mess up. I resorted to changing the stalk switch and then change the motor. after changing the motor, both headlights went up fine, yet the one with the changed motor wasnt level with the perfectly working pop up light. So after a spirited drive, my car had a new issue which is now hilarious and frustrating as eff. As the title of the thread says; one headlight goes up and the other goes down. this happens when flick the lights on and even the pop up button. Both sides seems to think its off but one is clearly up and the same story when lights are on, one is down. There is also a bit of a clunking noise as the light thats problematic is going down. the course of action i took was to disconnect the mechanism that you can screw the cap to adjust the headlight levels. And then put it back while the lights are in the off position... this did not work. Another course of action i took was removing the relays in the fuse box below the intake. Now... this did not work also. So i am now here asking my dear nissan friends if they know the solution i could try or even to go an auto electrician who are knowledgeable about 180’s. Your help is hugely appreciated! and if someone tells me to buy abflug lights, I honestly would rn. Ball ache af!!! 3B93E1EB-B8C9-472E-9BC1-403A1EF9D5D2.MOV
  9. 180sx // RB20

    https://i.imgur.com/NYJwdk8.jpgGO TO LAST PAGE --> Current status - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Hey guys, so not too much about me but I've just turned 19, had my R32 Skyline gts-4 rb20det stolen two days after i moved in to a new house.. Still with family, need money for this!) What I always say is there's not much point in using the words 'could' 'should' 'would' or thinking about negatives so I decided to just move on as quickly as I can. I searched for weeks online scouring the QLD for registerable 180sx shells whilst keeping a keen eye for my r32 parts :\ I was selling a van, my brother got it for very cheap and gave it to me to sell out of compassion, will never forget that. In the ad i would take a 180sx shell with cash adjustment, this guy had no cash but offered me the shell, which was lucky he kept it off-market while I got the van sold (4ish weeks) Price of shell $1000 ono (UPDATE 15/4/20: The price was negotiated down to $600, and to date I've easily sold 400-500 of stuff, got another 200 to sell along with parts I will be keeping to use like the one piece drive shaft, r200, half shafts, etc) Sold van $3,500, Bought my brothers Honda Civic EK1 - $2000 Registered (perfect for a daily, fuel, weight, fwd safety in rain, etc) Oh and the best part is he left his stereo in there as he has loads of gear, it's only a 300w amp with 2x 10inch subs but it vibrates the glass, your bones and hair on your body at 90% volume Also if my context of time is a bit confusing in this first post it's because I just started this thread after it all happened about 1 month ago, so I will post "progress" in one or two posts after this then time will be live So I finally dragged my brother and my dad along on the two hour drive, and seen the silhouette of the 180 in the driveway as we arrived, I could feel them internally cringing, smashed windscreen, no driver door or quarter glass, grim reaper bonnet hahaha, and etc. Pretty much looked like this bonnet First thing I did was gurney it off, something retarded happened and I musta slipped my right hand being wet or something and the gun pointed at my left hand tearing off 1/2" squared of skin, stung for whole night and day after baha, next best to the old knuckle bash. Here she is at the yard (Location god damn disclosed, no info for potential thiefs -.-) with all that stripped interior taken out and organised. Was as absolute bitch to get on and especially off the trailer as it was 'rolling' without coilovers, uprights wired to the strut tops and sitting on stockies. Like sitting, the wheel arches onto the tyres haha, very hard to roll even with the low weight Came with some goodies, 2L surge tank I am painting at the very moment so pics in next post, with 044 External Bosch, and apparently a 040 in the tank which I will found out soonish. Came with sard FPR, some good looking stereo gear, Bunch of thick gauge wire inc. power, few rca cables, extra relays for thermo and pump etc, all stock relay boxes/fuses and some kind of loom. This weird Boost controller thing? Seems to be a solenoid but no wires? Couldn't be a tee as no adjustment? If anyone knows lemme know Pignose/CA Front bar with lip (Genuine and came on car) The only front bumper I lovee! Here's all the interior, selling the green keeping red UPDATE: Sold most of it, got boot trims on reserve for a guy to trade for sunroof and RH door which I need My first steps are the get the car stripped so I can prep the shell, have got the crossmember off and jesus it's heavy to shift on your own. Guess the car's weight has to come from somewhere. 1 foot of progress ~ 3 mins 3 metres of progress ~ 25 mins and pooped out Finally in haha, you can probably see in the last photo I was going for the shipping container (my uncles but he lets me use back section) where my parts are but gave up and put into the demountable until I can get a hand or strip it down.
  10. new Titanium Exhaust System for sale, to suit Nissan 180sx. front pipe and dump pump included, no cat. PRICE DROP, urgent sale. $900 msg 0402 238 647
  11. Hey guys I’m looks for a full set of the rear valance with pods I’m located in Melbourne but will to travel. Thankyou!
  12. 180sx roll cage

    Hi have a have cage in my 180 arse end is stripped but want to put seat and inner rear panels back on who can help me cut the 2 holes in it I have fucked 3 panels now πŸ˜₯ I just cannot get it right and want it to look neat
  13. 180sx front bar WTB

    After a front bar for sr 180 let me no what you got Vic only or a cheap one interstate can text pics 0405429728
  14. PRICE DROP - Now $750 Staggered fitment Gmax Drift 6 wheels in gunmetal finish. 17x8 and 17x9 4x114.3 et35p Fitted with 225/45R17 and 265/40R17 Dunlop Sport Maxx. Wheels are in great condition, with no marks. Tyres have full tread, barely been used. $750 Pick up from Boronia Vic 0400 926 001
  15. 94 180sx Fast Reliable Club Trackday Car - VIC FOR SALE Love this thing, but I've lost interest Would suit someone wanting to get into club level motorsport and learn about driving on a track, without putting your expensive GTR/Euro/whatever in harms way. It is one of those cars that literally has too much to list, but I’ll give it a go. Rego has lapsed and it was last registered in NSW 6 months ago 1994 RPS13 1195kgs with 1/2 a tank S14 Motor S14 gearbox Makes 290rwkw on 18psi, pump 98. 270 16psi / 230ish 12psi Dyno sheets available Tuned by DVS Jez Power FC Z32 afm Alpha Omega/ Unigroup cams Stock bottom end, with VCT still active GTX3071 (0.63) on a 6Boost manifold, Tial 44mm ext gate (plumb back or screamer) Lots of custom intake and exhaust pipe work Freedy intake plenum. Profec II boost controller Ducted Oil Cooler / remote oil filter / oil temp gauge. Power Steering Cooler Greddy extended sump Drivetrain: Nismo coppermix clutch S14 box, freshened up by Award KAAZ 1.5 way Mech centre 4.11 R200 (with 3.9 ring and pinion incl) 5 Stud conv. Brakes: R33 Brembos front, 2 piece rotors Winmax pads R33 gtst Rears, Winmax pads BM57 upgraded master cyl Suspension: Tein monoflex coil overs Various adjustable arms throughout Whiteline swaybars fnt&rear Worn bushes replaced Corner weighted for me @ Road2Race Body : Not a show car, but presents reasonably with no rust or damage. Nice and straight. OEM Type X front bar AND lip Glass 2 piece sideskirts. Interior: Good cond dash 4 point weld in cage Velo fixed back seat / Sparco harness RPM wheel Stripped of all carpet, rear seats etc etc PowerFC controller Oil temp gauge Wheels: Road : Nismo (RAYS) LMGT2 17x8 / 17x9 Federal RSR tyres Track: Grams Lights 57F 17x8.5 +22 (old tyres are on them that need to be removed) So I’m selling with both sets of wheels The car is garaged, and basically sits on a trickle charger 360 days a year. It is serviced as a track car would be, very frequent oil and filters, incl gearbox and diff. PLEASE don’t text me / call me and ask what the lowest price is. I will just tell you more than the price below. Price : $15,000 ono Call Liz 0414508002 Car located in Malvern Here are some photos with the old front bar (need to track down some more photos of a more recent shot!)
  16. Wanted CA18DET

    Chasing a CA18det motor, manual gear box, wiring loom and ecu. For swap into a datsun 1200 ute! Located in Melbourne, have cash waiting. Cheers
  17. Multiple SR20 parts

    Multiple SR20 parts - Just cleaned out my brother's garage of spare parts – most are new / never installed It's been years since I've owned one of these cars or sold any car parts so forgive me if I've got anything wrong. Location: Pick up near Ringwood VIC but happy to post at buyers cost. Contact: Greg / shy180@gmail.com or call 0402346032 Items: TuneAgent SR20 top mount manifold – SOLD TuneAgent SR20 low mount manifold NEW $175 --> NOW $155 MagnaFlow 3" catalytic convertors High Flow Metallic Substrate – NEW $175 each (there are 3) NOW $155 MagnaFlow twin tip exhaust – was on a Prelude – estimate 2 years use – SOLD TuneAgent SR20 3" down pipe – NEW $250 NOW $190 TuneAgent SR20 Pillowball Tension Rod x2 – NEW $190/pair NOW $145 TuneAgent SR20 Rear Lower Traction Rods x2 – NEW $180/pair NOW $145 TuneAgent SR20 Adjustable Tension Rod Bar – NEW $150 (there are 3) NOW $125 Offers on everything welcome Let me know if you want more pictures of anything or PM/email with any questions Cheers Greg
  18. 180sx Nissan SR20 for sale

  19. WTB: 180SX Type X - manual

    Hi, like the title suggests, interested to see whats out there locally instead of having to go through the hassles of finding one to import from japan. Would prefer a 1998 type x with sunroof and low K's but willing to consider upto 96 models. NON accidents only though just show me what you got and for how much, money isn't an issue for the right car! extra points if its in midnight purple cheers!
  20. my 180sx

    so my 180sx arrived in november 2013, its black with gold drift teks, sr20det with Garrett GT28R turbo, full FMIC setup, radiator, fuel pressure regualtor, r32 brakes all round, ISC coilovers, tie rods, a phantom boost gauge, D1 spec deep dish steering wheel, gizzmo boost controller, and some aftermarket front bar currently looking into a new radiator and boost controller, along with hydraulic handbrake as its for a drift car
  21. Hi all, I have some brand new, never used parts listed on Ebay. The auction is ending in 2 hours. 08:30pm East Coast time. Bidding is currently at $1.25 + postage. Ebay link here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/182724884683?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 These parts are all brand new, never used and were originally purchased from a previous nissansilvia.com sponsor: www.driftshop.com.au If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
  22. G'day all Name is Cameron, 22, from the bush so not a great deal of imports out this way, very passionate about cars, i work as a mechanic on Agriculture machinery and in most of my spare time am working on a car, love hanging with mates and going on long drives, currently fixing up a 180sx, this is the first time i have done anything on an import so any tips or help is always greatly appreciated Anyone out near Dubbo or Narromine send us a pm Look forward to getting to know some of you, Cheers
  23. - Gt2871 genuine Garrett 440hp turbo on tomei expreme exhaust manifold and dump pipe ceramic coated with hks inlet and braided line was on my forged motor has done 4,000km, it made 270kw atw at 19psi on 98. $2200 - Apexi Power Fc Djetro with all wiring and sensors of a 97 black top 180sx type x $1100 - Strawberry face conversion guards brand new in primer with MSport S15 front bar also brand new in primer $450 - Koyo 53mm racing Aliminum radiator 4,000km old $450 - Greddy lightened pulleys (water, alternator, power steering) and Lightened GFB Harmonic balancer $450 comes with Alternator - bm50 master cylinder 4 bolt brand new $150 -180sx L & R Rear Quarter Windows $220 - 180sx interior trims, rear lights, interior lights etc boxes and boxes from donor cars take the lot $150 or message for what you need All prices are somewhat negotiable and upgraded parts were bought brand new and have 4,000km on them, have since sold the car and now have a Subaru Liberty GT wagon so don't need them sitting in storage.
  24. 1989 Nissan 180sx

    Would really love to swap this for a non turbo s chassis (s13, 180sx, s14, s15), but if I get no offers for swaps I will sell it. Some details about the car include: - CA18DET - Manual - 200,000km - Unregistered. Has a permit until 26/05/17 - KKR 330 turbo - ARC side mount intercooler - Digital HUD with original windscreen - S15 5 stud conversion (arms, hubs, calipers, slotted rotors) - Mongoose M80 alarm system - Electronic boost controller - ULTM Turbo timer - Matrix boost gauge - Fair few bushes have been changed throughout the car with polyurethane replacements, including castor bushes, front LCA bushes, and rear subframe bushes and probably more that I'm missing. - Front end and boot has all been resprayed with anti-rust. Recently comp tested the engine and it produced healthy numbers of 150, 145, 147 and 150. If you have any questions please message me on 0423113432