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  1. Where the 180's at (SYD)?

    If you all decide to have a meet very soon inbox me the details please !
  2. Where the 180's at (SYD)?

    If you all get together and have a 180sx meet I WOULD GLADLY film all your cars!
  3. Nissan S15 Video

    First Proper Car video of my mates S15 & also check out my channel for other car videos http://www.youtube.c...ser/CheGiuliano Shot in a Carpark, was ment to do some action rolling shots but it started pouring rain and there was mad traffic, so couldnt. Hope you like it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17CXmbHBVBo
  4. Where the 180's at (SYD)?

    Ok thanks heaps, yeah im still getting used to all these forum posts, hahaa just a mad noob at it, but thanks for all that really appreciate it, and yeah wouldnt mind the days of reading and viewing info you got Cheers
  5. Nice Body Kits for 180sx ?

    Thats Fukn Sex! Aiight I'm getting that body kit!!!!!!!!! Thanks bro i appreciate it!
  6. Where the 180's at (SYD)?

    Sorry bro didn't mean to sound like a cop or thief, i just wanted to know what other peoples car have under the hood street wise because sydneys laws are more strict than other states, plus i just bought a 180 couple months ago i just wanted to know how many others there are in sydney cause i really do, film and later in the future id be interested to do a 180 meet up for a lil 180 film. heres my youtube channel even, but atm doesn't have car vids haven't updated yet,d http://www.youtube.com/user/CheGiuliano/videos don't put car pics than i just wanted to know, I'm not a cop lol
  7. Nice Body Kits for 180sx ?

    Can someone post a photo of a oem body kit?
  8. Just wondering how many 180s there are in sydney cause i do film and i wana do something on a nice built 180 sometime benefit is for me for a short film and you get a free film on it too haha but just wondering cause all i see here is everyones in Victoria were the Sydney people at, only 180s I've seen are ugly fluro colour velside lebo style ones LOL? Where the JDMs at? Post Pics of your Syd ride and let us know about what you got under the restrictions of Gay ass Sydney engine rules.... Thanks
  9. Jase's RB25 180sx, finally driving it!

    The engine is beautiful!!! Exactly how I want mine but with more blue lol, thing is I know nothing bout engines trying to learn from reading these threads... Any advice on building engine for a novice lol
  10. Nice Body Kits for 180sx ?

    Simon thanks heaps really appreciate it, gave me mad info right there, love these forums ^^ lool and for the velside kit... uhhh really they look like a cheap supra? are you being for real.
  11. Can people help me out, i just wana know what the variety of body kits there are for 180's, im deadstock right now, but i wana build but just wana know? Sorry for the noobness lool And also can someone tell me what kinda body kit is on this sexy ass red one?
  12. Ookz' 180SX

    Clean ass 180! i wana put that bodykit on mine, which one is that? could you please help us out as i just started building ma 180 thanks