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  1. Hey Guys, hoping some sr20 genius could help me here. I recently took my whole intake plenum off to put on a oil filter relocation and after putting everything back together the car wont start. We've managed to narrow it down to spark and checked for spark against the chassis and got nothing. We checked with a multimeter that theres only about 6V going through the coilpacks (would assume it should be 12?). I've checked all the grounds (all on the plenum, the coilpack ground on the rocker cover etc.) Getting 12v from everything else just not through the coilpacks. I cant think of any reason why there wouldn't be any spark going to the coilpacks if all I was doing was the intake plenum. I have also been wiring some gauges inside the car but don't know if thats related however. The car is running a power FC D-jetro.
  2. Jaxxy's S15 JAK020

  3. Jaxxy's S15 JAK020

    Thought I'd post an update as a fair bit has happened with the S15 since I started this topic, I'll try to keep it in chronological order but may get mixed up. Not too long after I got the car I was rewarded by Queenslands finest with a pretty yellow sticker on my windscreen, full story can be read here but I'm not going to fill up this topic with the novel about it. Anyway after 3 months of sitting around being undriven it finally went off to the DOT, considerably more mild than it originally was. Thankfully the boys at the DOT seemed like a friendly bunch so I was cleared and off I went - straight back home to put the wheels back on and drop it I don't think I learned anything. Next thing was to get rid of those god awful Drift Blade seats that caused me all those issues in the first place, so out they went and in went these gorgeous babies. It was also around this time I finally got my manual license (I messed around a lot - the car was undriveable for a long time due to the defect and me being too poor to pay rego so I wasn't in a rush). Not much happened to it for a while after that, I enjoyed it how it was until I decided to take it for a flog on a happy laps at QR. I was going flat out down the straight when I look in the rear view and I see a cloud of smoke billowing out of the rear of the car. Thinking the worst I quickly pull into the pits and the car proceeds to dump all its fresh oil on the pit ground. We determined it was just the oil return hose had ruptured *phew*. We managed to replace it there and there in the carpark of QR so I didn't have to have it towed home. It also became apparent that day the brakes needed an overhaul, the discs were warped as all hell and vibrating like your mummas favorite electronic companion. So I replaced the lines with braided HEL lines, put some fresh QFM A1RM pads and some upgraded GTR discs with an dogbone adapter. The car stops much better now but I'm not too keen on the upgraded discs - quality seems to be lacking, Further down the track I plan to upgrade to GTST brakes with RDA rotors, but this has been good enough for now. Next I started looking into making the car go faster, I was planning on getting a GTX3071r high mount set up so I spent a considerable amount of time researching and um'ing and ah'ing about whether its the set up that suits me. During this time my mate with another s15 blew his motor. We found someone selling a fully built engine with a full GTX3071r high mount set up including a Kelway manifold, Turbosmart gate and complete dump pipe. We decided to go splitsies on the engine so we both drove down to Port Macquarie where it was located and came home considerably poorer but both with exactly what we needed - Him with a fully built engine and me with a already done turbo set up. (If I could have afforded it I would have kept it all for myself but he needed the block more than me anyway). I then proceeded to begin the long and frustrating task of installing the turbo set up. Due to my lack of experience and funds it took a looooong time but I eventually got it there. During the build I kept changing how I was going to have it done too, I was originally going to go for the simple nistune set up however thought It might not do the set up justice so I decided on a Power FC D-jetro (also so I could piss of that ugly AFM). I also painted the rocker cover in wrinkle black. Once the build was complete it was off to GT Auto garage for a tune. It came out at ~340Hp at 18psi. Considering the engine hasn't been opened (not even cams) I was quite happy with the result. Love the top end power it has now and it doesn't feel too different low down from the stock turbo. Thats about where it sits now. My end goal is to be able to have a decent track car so further plans are better brakes, get a set of semi slicks and eventually and inevitably the engine is going to have to be opened up and rebuilt as I dont expect it to last forever with a turbo set up like that.
  4. S15 Power FC d-Jetro wiring

    OK So I'm pretty sure I've wired it up correctly, now I just need to confirm a few things: Regardless of how rough it is, should the engine run straight out of the box? When I try to start mine it cranks but wont fire, I've read d-jetros don't have a base map so I would assume thats normal. What is concerning me is when I do try to start it the hand commander will display "Communications error" - is this normal, when in accesories mode it works fine I can access all menus etc.
  5. Hey guys, I'm doing the wiring for the air temp sensor for my power fc d-jetro. I've managed to find almost all I need to know from this forum & looking at the pictures but just need to confirm that the brown wire is ground and according to the pinout diagram in the manual it splices into the pink wire with the brown stripe, however on the pinout diagram its a exhaust temp sensor wire that is blue/yellow.. Alternatively does the ground need to actually be spliced into that wire or can it just be grounded to the chassis?
  6. Picked up Zen garages s15

    Very jealous, I love this car, looks so tough. Agree a dmax wing will make it perfect.
  7. Defect Woes

    If it was an option I would, but doesn't seem to be possible.
  8. Defect Woes

    I'm on my opens but restricted to auto, so when I drove the S15 I needed L plates.
  9. Defect Woes

    Yeah thought the DOT would have caught on by now, its not really the legality of the car anymore its not being able to drive it for 2 month when I only got it like 2 weeks ago Anyone have any input on what else I should fix legality wise before the inspection?
  10. Defect Woes

    The back story for people who fancy a read Ok so here's my long winded story of the frustration I've had over the last week. So about a week ago I was driving along a road down at eight mile plains and come up to a RBT, instantly I have one of the cops beckoning me over to the side of the road (I have had this car for a only week at this point btw, and I'm also on L plates as I don't have my manual license yet but on opens.). Straight away the cop asks me to pop my bonnet saying he heard my BOV as I was turning on the road (I had not been accelerating hard by any means, the BOV is quite responsive) and them Him and another officer claim that my BOV isn't plumbed back, which anyone with an IQ of 5 could easily look and see the plumb back pipe going straight to the intake. Anyway the officer tells me it isn't plumb back and me and my mate both tell him it is which seemed to piss him off so we were asked to get out and one of the officers proceeds to rev the tits off my engine to make the BOV go off whilst the other officer has his ear around the passengers foot well trying to hear where the noise is coming from (clearly from the intake which I tried to explain but these guys wouldn't listen). Eventually because they cant find where the noise is coming from they mention something about the DOT looking at it. One of the officers proceeds to look over the car trying to find me something he can actually pin me for, he checks the spare tyre and then looks at my seats (ADR approved drift blade buckets), he says its a major defect not to have a mod plate for aftermarket seats (fair enough) but then says it will need to be checked over by Darra DOT by the 30th and cant be driven. He slaps a big ass yellow sticker in the middle of the windscreen and they pack up and go home leaving us standing on the side of the road. (Whilst this was all happening they let through an evo with a roll cage with no question, a bomby car with tail lights out and a lifted jeep with muddies poking out the guards). So because it has to go to the DOT I have spent the last week making anything they could pick on legal, I have raised it to almost 4wd height, put some legal wheels on it (the other ones were flush when it was lower but when I raised it they poked out a bit.), got the mod plate done (he also did an engineers report for the intercooler hole in the battery tray), got a resonator put on the exhaust to quieten it up a bit, took the HIDs out, replaced the seat belts (frayed drivers side) and a few bits here and there, it has cost me an absolute bucket to have it all done, especially considering it needs to be towed everywhere. I find out the day before I was going to take it in I need to actually make a booking with the Darra inspection station so I call up and they tell me the next free inspection is the 24th.....of August! I ask the person on the phone if there's anyway I can drive it between now and then and he said if I call up the police station who defected me and told them the booking number they can change it on their system and it can be driven. So I call QPS and ask them, the woman on the phone checks with her sergeant and comes back and tells me it cannot be driven until its been inspected and signed off by the DOT. So I'm left with my new car which I have had the joy of driving for a week sitting outside not being able to be driven for two months. Its made my views of QPS and the DOT not too favorable as it seems the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing as they tell me conflicting info. I have been into the police station closest to where I was booked and also Darra DOT to see if there's anything I could do and they both pretty much shrugged their shoulders and didn't want to help out at all. On to my Questions I have seen in the past it was possible to deregister a car and the defect will be cleared and then at a later date register the car again just get a RWC which is much easier than going over the pits and it can be driven again, is this still the case as I really don't want to have to wait till the end of august to drive the car again. Also can people who have been through these inspections before shed some light on things that they could pick up on, the things I'm a bit iffy about are the camber arms on the back, K&N pod filter (though its secured it isn't enclosed but the guy who did the mod plate said you don't need to have them enclosed in QLD), Tee boost controller and one of the tein coilovers needs to be rebuilt as its leaking oil. Also whats the point of the cops saying I need to clear the defect by the end of this month if I cant get a booking until 2 months away?
  11. Jaxxy's S15 JAK020

    http://myworld.ebay.com.au/insinr8_hsv This member custom makes them for you, I've got staggered and slash cut 3' stainless pipes coming.
  12. Jaxxy's S15 JAK020

    Yeah all i need to do is just resit the test, there's usually quite a wait though as its usually booked out for a few weeks in advance.
  13. Jaxxy's S15 JAK020

    Hey guys, This is my 2001 Spec R s15. I bought it just a week ago and some of you may recognize it as GOGETR (606etr) however the previous owner had to sell up to buy a house. I'm completely stoked with this car as its something I've dreamed of owning ever since I first saw them more than 10 years ago. Only problem is currently I'm on my open license but only auto class so I can only drive it with horrible L plates on the car and with a fully licensed person with me which sucks. Anyway onto the car; Exterior: Full respray done about 2 months ago in stock blue colour, paint is immaculate but hasn't been buffed yet so once that's done it will look even better, Ebay spec front rubber lip. Rear Pods Stock wing (is it the spec R wing?) LED Taillights HIDs DC2 Lip Stock S15 Foglights. Rims, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes Work XD9s 18x9in all round. Federal 595 225s on front, some unknown brand 235s on the rear. Tein Flex coilovers (I think will have to actually check what model) Camber Arms (again don't know the brand, they are red, anyone keen to shed some light?) Front and rear strut braces GTR Front discs & larger rear discs with A1RM pads. HEL Braided Lines. Engine SR20DET Power Spirit front mount intercooler GTX3071 on High Mount Kelway Manifold. Turbosmart 38mm gate. Greddy Profec OLED boost controller. Apexi Power FC D-Jetro Power: 340hp @ 18psi. Interior Sparco Sprint V bucket seats. Apexi Boost Gauge. JVC Head unit Turbo Timer I think that's everything, now onto some pics. Sorry they're all phone pics so some are pretty crappy. This was it last Monday when I went to look at it, put the deposit down there and picked it up Tuesday night. Having its first bath Then it was time to start making it my own, starting off with small stuff, such as blue brakes, adds 20hp I was hoping the blue would be a darker shade but still think they look good. Next up the tail lights were changed over to LED units and JAK020 number plates added, aswell as an angry bird drift toy. Before After Coming up next are drift pipes which are coming in the mail along with a defi boost gauge and blue wheel nuts. I have big plans for this car, exterior wise its almost as I want it except I plan to put a DMAX wing and roof spoiler on and get rid of those butt ugly reflectors on the rear bar, engine wise I want to go all out with a GT28RS and all supporting mods, and with the interior I'm planning on some better quality and lower bucket seats and a bit of other stuff here and there.