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  1. Battery dying.

    century 390cca, We tried to get a diff battery but because the cooler pipes run through the battery tray we had to stay with the same batt as none of them fit.
  2. Battery dying.

    Well its gone through 2 Batterys, I have left the new one disconnected till i can find the fault as i dont think he will give me another battery under warrenty The meter was left for over 15-30 seconds waiting fo the car to go to sleep mode. its not doing it quickly, we charged the last battery drove the car once, like a week later it was dead and not even reading / charging.
  3. Battery dying.

    so my mates car is killing the battery so we got a new one on warrenty and this is what i have done so far. i have disconnected the negative and run the multi meter from the cable to the negative terminal on the battery. All doors closed everything off. Multi meter set to 10amp. Getting 0.05 - 0.04 amps. Then i started pulling out fuse's and relays to see what the draw was. the only time it changed was when i pulled out the alternator fuse75amp it went to 0.03 to 0.02 and the igniton fuse 25amp in the engine bay. when both the fuses are out it sits on 0.00 all the fuses under the drivers side all read 0.05 to 0.04. only thing i can think of is that the alarm is wired oddly and drawing power and now the alternator diode has f**ked up and that was the final straw to the battery not charging anymore. any other thoughts ??
  4. things that annoy you

    probs been said but wankers who manage to find a extra 40 meters after they have come to a stop at a red light
  5. things that annoy you

    ^ this stupid shit and boat people.
  6. springvale rd police chase

    dun dun dun another one bites the dust
  7. Price : $100 Condition : Used Cwest Front Bar decent condition $200 R32 Gtr Rims with Yoko Semi's 225/50 R16's HEAPS of TREAD ( no pics ) $600 Demon Camber rims 2x -15 Offset 2x +20 --- 205/50 R16's Shitty Tyres $500 Rota's 225/50 R16's Pretty much brand new tyres rims are almost perfect condition $500 STUFF NEEDS TO GO ALL PRICES ARE NEG !!!!!!
  8. After pulling the rear seats off to do a fuel pump I found spent casings under the seat was a little tripped out, then pulled the spare out to find a black plastic bag with roughly 10k in it and a small pistol. Thanked the customer and told him what I found and asked him not to come back. Also a young apprentice found at work found a. Big bag of powder and took it the next day we had about 30 azn blokes wanting to kill everybody that was
  9. At the end of the day if she sat there quiet nothing would of happen but because she was rude bitch singing in a public bus like asif she was at home Your in a public bus ! Respect the people around you !! You don't own the bus so there for respect every one else that paid for a ticket to get on the bus Sit there quiet instead of singing songs and annoying every one else She was a dumb bitch so suck shit It has nothing to do with race! It's about being annoying and not respecting the public that share the bus I work in the mines and the company I work for just hired like 200 filos and they are all the same as that annoying bitch The wifi room is a shared room for every one to use and these idiots rock up and treat it like asif they own it and its their house Cranking filo music full volume and singing along to it like asif they are in a bar How's about you respect every one else that is in the room It's a shared room ! For every one else to use You don't own it ! So sit their and use the Internet and keep quiet instead of annoying every one else of Its so rude !! Dumb ****s I have nothing against filos I have plenty of filo friends back home in sydney It's more to do with respecting others around you that is the most retarded shit i have ever read.. Grow up, this sounds like some dumb adlay that was on my bus home and started yellin at some mum cause her 2 daughters ( under the age of 10 ) are being loud and carrying on, like ffs they are kids. Same goes for this ITS A PUBLIC BUS DEAL WITH IT and if you dont want talk or listen to people carrying on then drive get a hire car or pull up a taxi People these days are too f**king stupid.
  10. who's got big dogs?

    tibetan mastiff looks like a rotty bit bigger and with a mane like a lion rawr. cool dog
  11. upcoming nistune

    i find that people in todays world have no patatience and want everything done yesterday without going through the test and trail stage that we all love and learn so much from, for instance my r32 gtst made close to 200kw with a 3 inch exhaust, standard turbo, turbo smart boost t and a non standard fuel pump ( unknown as it came with the car and was loud as hell ) but f**k it was fun puttin shit on and going for a spin and seeing how it held togeather. Where as i could of spent a shit load more on r33 turbo injectors nistune or apexi front mount afm etc and gotten the same result. But what im trying to get at is spend as little and do it all in small steps to see the gains and feel it get better all with the knowlege that you created it and can fix it when something f**ks up Ovb if you got the cash and no time then do what you gotta do, but it shits me to tears when i see some young bloke whos spent nearly a down payment on a unit and knows nothing about how or what is running in his car.
  12. yea bit much but peace of mind is alwayz a winner
  13. G'day

    na or turbs ?
  14. Blacktop SR20DE minus T

    ive got a stock sr20de im selling thats still in car running $400 and its urs