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  1. Mrc said its the way the gates welded up can cause over boosting but driving home I tested it again and now it's under boosting its only going to 7psi, seriously so frustrating I don't get it! But if its under boosting ill just control the boost higher
  2. Taking it to mrc tomorrow to get them to figure it out, ill let everyone know what the issue is, that is if they figure it out
  3. Photo won't upload it's comes off the center point where they all meet and goes under the dump pipe The gate opens no dramas just puts way to much boost in
  4. It's welded off the manifold And also the vac hose I'm using I just bought so I doubt it's that!
  5. Bottom! Top is nothing, vented to atmosphere
  6. Ok so I have just installed my external gate screamer setup and its tial 38mm gate, it has a 0.900 bar spring which is 13psi When I hit boost it goes up past my gauge at 20psi + The hose is just running straight from the intercooler to the bottom port with no boost controller so in theory it should run 13psi It's a stock t28 bb with welded internal gate to run the external and has a gktech manifold Thanks
  7. Where is a good vac source in stock s15 engine bay at the moment there is a hose coming off the intercooler piping is that right?, And with the inlet port should I disconnect the line from the air intake pipe and just make straight connection or t peice them Cheers
  8. I have a s15 bb t28 and I'm running external gate it's a tial 38mm gate and it has 2 ports. I'm running stock boost controller till tune then putting a manual boost controller in but which lines do I connect, I'm under the assumption the line from the boost controller goes to the lower port but wanted to make sure because it looks different in diagrams I have searched!
  9. Sweet thanks everyone can close thread now
  10. Hey so iv got a relativly stock s15 jdm (has pod filter, boost ristrictor removed when I bought it) and am about to put some basic power into it. At the moment it makes 160 Spoke to the tuners and they recommended the following to reach roughly 200rwkw Front mount Ecu /tune And ebc The turbosmart eboost street is about $495 I was about to purchase when my mate recons it's pointless spending that money When a boost -t (manual boost controller) is about $90-100 Just wanted to get everyone's opinions is it any different spending all that money for something that doesn't affect anything?? Cheers
  11. Price : $250 Condition : Used Up for sale is my CA Lip I had this on my S13 but decided to go Aero front bar. Asking Price $250 or make an offer. PM me for details Pick Up from St Ives, Sydney 2075 SOLD PLEASE DELETE
  12. Does anybody know if rota grid-r's 17x9 +12 will clear the s15 breaks (car is a s13 with 5 stud convo and s15 brakes) with out using spacers?? any help would be muchly apprecited thanks in advance.
  13. Ok so like most 180's my car doesnt have ac but i still use the fan to demist my windscreen etc etc but yesterday it just stopped working, im thinking maybe blower fan or fan speed resistor but does any one know why this would happen checked all fuses down by my right foot of the drivers seat and also it has digital climate control and the control panel all works fine but when turning the fan on nothing happens any help is appreciated thanks.