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  1. NSW Spotted Thread

    Haha. Was it the one with black wheels and white interior? Would be her boyfriends car if yes. Nah Mic, she was in a Zenki, should have gone on the stalk but I was in the boat and it was in limp mode haha.
  2. NSW Spotted Thread

    Spotted future wife (please) driving a purple S14 on gavenlock rd tuggerah this morning near Slam.
  3. Super keen for main track, not long now!
  4. 180SX Drift/street car build

    Also looking into hydro set-up plus a front left s13 lca, pm if you have one!
  5. 180SX Drift/street car build

    Okay! Gutters suck! left me with about 45° positive camber, two destroyed lca's and a couple of other F*#ked arms.. threw the gktech catalogue at it more rotas, also some bc coilovers as i bent one of my cusco ones rather disapointed in myself, ohwell.. cracked arch with dodgy fix.. after single spinning into the gutter, almost needless to say, my next mod will be a new diff or shim up my current diff.. bent a tie rod so picked up some uras copies for some extral lock and adjustment, I do get a bit more lock with the built in spacers plus the additonal 6mm gktech spacer, although i want more lock! next step lca's and knuckles? full lock at the moment gives me a seedy sound so i will have to sus out what the wheel is hitting ( does'nt sound like wheel on guard) also consider some over fenders for the rear to cover up a couple nasty dents, would probably go new fenders on the front aswell. I have also made the decision to make this a much more track orientated car, I am currently searching for something to replace my current daily (pulsar) for something more capable of towing the 180 to track days, keen as on a M35 stagea but only a 2.5L and nearly impossible to find a tow bar for so have also been looking at a couple xr6 turbo's but then I want something awd for snow trips, BUT not 4wd so still fun to have a thrash around the streets, I can't win Anyone have opinons on good tow cars? rip off overfenders & front, or genuine? Jesse streeter if i go genuine? next move for more lock? clutch slips slightly, twin plate? anyone wanna give me some free money? shot gun winning lotto!
  6. 350Z/LS1 - For sale/swap

    Looking pretty damn awesome! Any idea when this will first see the track?
  7. 180SX Drift/street car build

    Yeah I'll admit, my first time on the main track i was pretty nervous, didn't want to go out of second gear but towards the end 3rd in pretty much every corner and tried 4th a couple times on turn 12, I loved it!
  8. 180SX Drift/street car build

    Also got two of these bad boys today from cartel Aus haha yeah, not sure if massive smile, or 'ohh that was close' lol
  9. 180SX Drift/street car build

    Repaired the damaged wires this after noon and cable tied the loom into a better place, could be better i think so i might muck around with it on the weekend.. Picked up my new floor jack from Bursons this arvo too, 75mm skids Picture thanks to 'e rock'
  10. 180SX Drift/street car build

    You can when you sell the ute haha.. I'm very unsure on the fuel thing.. I should be alright with the loom but il send you a message if i run into any trouble.
  11. 180SX Drift/street car build

    Yeah man haha, you Bretag and Jake were loving the passenger rides that makes sence, not sure if it is still coming out when the fuel is lower.. I still want to stop it even if the tank is full.. I'll Check all that tomorrow I guess after I sort this loom out..
  12. Injector choice?

    Agreed, more room for activities this way.
  13. 180SX Drift/street car build

    I have been pretty slack lately so time for an update! Now where to start? finally got my full license so I can drive it on the street Well I have been attending quite a few driving sports events this year Have got to say that my favourite mod I have done so far is GKTECH lock spacers, could not believe how much of a diference they made! and got a little bit sick of driving from the passengers seat so i decided to get fake bride with genuine rails and holy sheeet! did it make a difference, alot better than standard s13 seats thats for sure.. Had a oil leak from the crank pulley so whilst that was being replaced I got my RAS's installed, AND THAN when driving home I thought to myself 'Dane, you have been a very good and responsible boy in this car, not hitting limiter at all!' mostly due to the fact of me worrying to much about shit breaking due to no RAS's, so anyway I decided to put the car into neutral so I did not put a load on it(i just wanted to hear BAM BAM BAM!) put my foot down, car revs to about 9K! so I'm thinking it should have hit limiter already so I stopped and put the car back into gear to continue driving. Nek minnit my cat decides it wants out and it gets it's way, all over the road on fire with swerving motorists behind me the car becomes gutless and I was forced to stop and it now sounds as if I have performed an EJ20 conversion (I swear I didn't!) unable to drive home I got a tow from a mate (thanks Chris) and began to try and find the problem. first guess was the car could not breath properly due to a blocked cat so took to it with a pole to knock the guts out, smashed it all onto dads garage floor and put it back on, start the car, no dice, maybe a EJ25 now? looked at hand controller and there was nothing so I freaked out, turns out the cord for it came out. I'm ravving on here so il make it quick, worked out it was cyclinder 2 not firing, tried spark plug and coilpack, started to check the wiring it it turned out to be the plug for the coils was not connected properely , probably due to being unplugged for the rocker cover to come off.. I later looked at the hand controller and found that the limiter was at 9600rpm so I changed that pretty quick.. I found this out after searing here, ebay and other places for built motors lol. Next on my list was to get the vertex kit on and after trying to fit it myself, failing hard and convincing myself that it was not okay the mount it with cable ties I took it to a smash repairer who did an awesome job! (will add better pics soon) Also picked up a safety 21 half cage pretty cheap and installed that My GF found my computer password and let me know by sending this to me lol Also went out to Eastern Creek on Saturday and tried out the north circuit for the first time and F*#K ME IT WAS AWESOME! most fun I have ever had in a car, did suck that the mate I went down with crashed on his second lap of the day Had a little problem with the clutch slipping sometimes and my gopro coming off somehow which i luckily found yesterday but unfortunatly my memory card maxxed out literally the corner before it came off. The event did make me want to spend a lot of money, clutch, more power, and I'm thinking something a bit better than the standard LSD would be better.. Got the car passed for rego today and also noticed a couple problems.. the wheel has begun to dig into the wiring loom on the drivers side, how do I resolve this? tuck the loom or re-run in the bay? Also after looking at some money go pro footage I have relized that I have a shit load of fuel coming out of the fuel tank whilst drifting? what could that problem be? hellllllppppppppppppp?!?!?!

    Very well organized event, well done driftmob!
  15. 180SX Drift/street car build

    A fair bit has change since i last updated, more camber, gktech lock spacers, bride seats & rails, more skids & i finally got a different kit to get rid of the front bar (will upload pics later) And now i have a problem, ive called about 6 or 7 panel beaters/smash repairers and theyre all happy to paint the kit, but as soon as i mention it is a fiberglass aftermarket kit, no one wants to fit it.. can anyone recormend someone? preferably on the centralcoast, will travel to sydney or newcastle if needed??