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  1. EPA

    Yeah i actually had pretty similar setup and got cleared first time no problem... i had to throw on stock suspension, borrowed standard exhaust off an ns mate, even left the highmount on, just sprayed it matte black.. But choose which station you go to wisely, some have higher success rates than others. And remember its their licence on the line so try your best not to give them a reason to break your balls i guess
  2. Video's from Drift Matsuri/Japan

    oh man keep em comin!!!

    Did someone say a vk??? maybe its a historical museum not a cop shop? lol
  4. Install Cams + Springs in Sydney

    boostech fivedock bro
  5. The Pursuit of Charcoal Chicken!

    They have the BEST chicken burgers. Always chilling in frangos. I would go far as to say its proper charcoal chicken though. More portugese bbq chicken. Just got back from frangos petersham and not happy. Not as good as they used to be, chicken too salty and the chilli sauce has completely changed. It was an absolute rip off, the chicken I can understand the price but $4.50 for a drink and $2 for 2 tablespoons of mayo. To top it off the guy at the counter was a wanker. Don't go when the dudes are there! Wait for the old lady to be there and during peak hour so everything is fresh! +1 how was it?
  6. could someone with a hyundai volunteer to leave a little early n scout the route? You can't go anywhere lately without gettin pumped by popo
  7. beforeduringbut still not finished...
  8. The Pursuit of Charcoal Chicken!

    i'm headed for frango -petersham... the que out the door says how good it is!
  9. All Japan Day Sydney - we're back!

    sounds good! gonna check it out!
  10. S13/180sx owners Help a brother out!

    thanks man^^ i've got an s14 exaust im gonna try n modify, but if that falls through i'll give you a holla! @corey- already tried, i used to have a guy but some scum dobbed him, loses his licence for a year now... pm me if you've got any suggestions
  11. Who knows this RnB song?

  12. usually 7. Leavin for work usually at 5am
  13. The Pursuit of Charcoal Chicken!

    Awafi-Belmore maybe?