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  1. Coilovers Knocking in S15

    I have been hearing noises in the rear of the car when I am making hard and sharp turns and I am assuming that my rear coilovers are knocking. I bought my car with Tein Flexs in it and do not know if the previous owner bought them new or how long he had them on for. Anybody have similar experiences? What do you guys think the problem is so I have some sort of an idea when I take a look at it over the weekend. Also is it something I need to get fixed asap or is it just an annoyance from the sound.
  2. username change request

    Could you please change mine to blackfifteen please
  3. s15 stock rubber intake

    just the answer i was looking for. looks like i dont need it thanks
  4. s15 stock rubber intake

    ye the nipple one but what's it for? Do i need it replicated on my metal intake?
  5. im getting a metal intake fabricated and gonna have a connector for the plumb back hose. just wondering what the nipple on the stock rubber intake is for and do i need this to be provided on my new metal intake? also are there any other connectors that ive missed on the stock rubber intake or is it just the two? THANKS
  6. z32 afm mesh

    My z32 afm doesnt have the mesh intact Is that an issue? Do I need to replace it?
  7. whats toilet paper?? hahahaha jk
  8. What can I install?

    ye i was leaning more towards just getting the tuner to do it all anyway thanks
  9. Just after some advice Got a power fc, hks evc 6 boost controller, z32 afm and 555cc injectors to go on my s15. Now the power fc already has a tune on it from the previous owner. bigger turbo, 740cc injectors, hks step 1 cams, z32 afm. Can I install any of the above items myself and then drive it to the tuners or do I need to get them installed by the tuner right before they put it on the dyno?
  10. Z32 AFM

    Just wondering if it's possible to check whether a z32 afm works or not without actually installing it onto the car

    haha spot on, ive never done it before but i wanna learn. haven't even taken the front bar off myself. i installed a c's short shifter on my own so im not completely useless just wanna nut out the problem areas so im aware of them before i begin. thats all
  12. anybody know where i can find a write up on installing an ARC turnflow FMIC for the s15? im gonna attempt on the w/e and wanna get it finished before monday cuz i gotta drive to work, so i dont wanna get held up by not knowing what to do. ill prob get held up even if i do have guidance but thats another issue haha let me know!
  13. kris's A31 Cefiro

    mmm love the wheels
  14. my s15

    very nice!