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  1. Blue slip parts s15

    Ok need some help with parts for Rego: -Factory wheel/airbag -factory wheels (with rego worthy rubber) -Cat for exhaust (prob get one welded in, suggestions of best exhaust places for said work??? Honestly happy to sort out Carton of fav Brewski's or some kinda deal if anyone is willing to lend me said parts for rego insepction? (otherwise looking for good price on said parts. Cheers
  2. Ok so i have a ACT registered car. When i Sydney police pulled me over and defected me for the ol 'pod filter, coilovers, yadda yadda. Just after best price on clearing defect. Cheers.

    Need rear right r32 hub, also bonnet for s15???? anyone
  4. 1996 Toyota Chaser - $13,000

    Damnnnn where is this now? Wanting
  5. Howdy people, in need of stock rear muffler and stock air box 'apparently' for blue slip in sydney. My car is ACT rego'd but some revenue raising man in uniform doing breath tests decided to give me a defect for pod filter exhaust etc. So my car is registered in act but now i have to have a 'unregistered car inspection in nsw to be able to drive here :/ Anyhow time to stock her up for inspection as i come to sydney quite a lot for work etc. Staying in Annandale area if anyone has these parts laying around and willing to lend for a couple day's that would be awesomeeee! thanks.
  6. Madness, more clips please
  7. IDA Wakefield day Nov 17

    That Nic G dude shredds with a helical, imagine what he could do with a 2 way though hahaaaaa.
  8. IDA Wakefield day Nov 17

    Shim helical no go They are a geared centre, no way to shim. Its a pretty awesome stock diff considering, and does pretty well. But with a resonably low powered car a locker, 2way would just give me that extra control whilst drifting i think that i've been hangin for for a while. Anyhow mighyt have to just shredd on stocker unless someone come's through.
  9. IDA Wakefield day Nov 17

    Anybody got a 2nd hand two way to suit s15 for sale or even loan for this event. Stock diff isnt bad, but hanging to get out there with a proper 2way. (if could afford i would purchase a newbie but not poss at the moe) Even if it was just a loaner for the day. (my car isnt far from stock power so wear and tear would be minimal for the single day)
  10. Run 12 n 10kg isc's in my s15. maybe its time to
  11. S15 diff shim help in Syd

    s15 diff drifts hard. You just need decent suspension setup (keep her nice and flat to the road) and give it to her. I've done drift day's at wakefield, drift comps, skidpan's are easy, bit of water down she slides all day. Obviously it would be nice to have a 2-way but until then, drift the shit out of your stocker. One of the best stock diff out there considering. Full pelt at Wakey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxdS0GQepDA&list=UU-6mvDWZPm15xmkqesk--9g&index=7&feature=plcp Skid pan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTGfpE_JRYU&feature=channel&list=UL
  12. In the long run 'Religion must die for the human race to live' (Christian, muslim whatever you've been brainwashed into believing) Plain and simple. (old beliefs keep us ignorant) Seek the truth. Not these old school archaic suppressive belief systems. Much respect to the past but time to learn and move on people. Were all happy to use and enjoy things that science (the art of questioning and learning) has taught us. (no thanks to religion's in general) So be progressive and get with the times.
  13. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    Or else you just like r33 gtr rims and they happen to be 9inch all-round. If the choice was there though i wouldn't bother with anything more than 8 on the front.
  14. documentary junkie?

    This is pretty terrible. People dying at the hands of Governent and the rich. Once the Amazon is gone... not good http://www.vice.com/en_au/video#ooid=szM28wMzppJYbp6laxl-JJYK_cuhp6CO
  15. Was never into silvia's until i saw an s15 (used to drive old Mazda's Rx2's) Started wanting a more drift friendly car. Bought an s15, never looked back. Its done endless nights on the tough, day's at the track, drift comps, skid pans. Driving up and down the east coast of australia, broke it, fixed it and always enjoyed driving it. Each to there own, since i got the 15, I've also fallen for the rest of the silvia family but never looked back from the s15, there also a slightly superior build from factory with some added stiffening and tid bits. Awesome stock sports car that with some pretty mellow modding makes a car that performes and is fun as hell to drive and looks the shit. Get em on some tough wheels and low and who needs body kits. They look fresh as is. (not that i wouldn't love a Vertex or something. But meh. But hell, all the silver's are dope. I just always thought the s15 had a much more progressive, smick timeless sort of styling (thats what caught me anyway) Remember its a sports car, if you just want a trophy go win something. The only real value in owning a performance machine to me is driving it like one. Do track day's, drive it hard, enjoy its capabilities as a well built, fun, awesome sports car. Drift it, race it, touge it and at the end of the day they happen to look awesome also. Obviously i don't wanna wreck it, and hey minesn got some scars, but i look after it and nothing beats a car with a little character. My 2c
  16. Ok ive searched but still doesnt feel definitive. Just wanting some solid info on whats the best fit for r33gtr wheels on s15??? (r33 gtr wheels 17/9/+30 Is a 5mm spacer going to cut it up front regarding coilover clearance. Tyres are 225/40's Im shure some one on here has run them on there s15. (pics, specs etc appreciated.
  17. R33 gtr wheels on s15

    Year wheels fitted fine in the end, i was trippin b4. 5mm spacer on front and Bobs ya mothers brother. R33Gtr 17/9+30 all round, very nice fit on s15. Well happy.
  18. R33 gtr wheels on s15

    Coilover are ISC's. Tried with a 3mm or so spacer and was still rubbing on coilover so im thinkin a 5mm at least mabe? Anyhow easy to figure out, just was after some knowledge whilst bored at work, thinking of ordering some spacers. Cheers guy's
  19. RC Drift cars

    Here's couple of (average qual) vid of my evo and subi couple yrs back. Damn good fun, find a friend with skills and you can have frreakin hrs of fun battling etc. (i also drift true scale cars and know how good that is) but for the miniture real life scale its pretty damn close when you in the zone. If there's anyone in Sydney who's down for RC drifts let me know to! just moved up here and dying to get my 1/10 scale slide on. Also be keen to hit up a proper track etc and try get drift day's going or anything really.. Peaze
  20. Discuss your civilised drift thoughts

    I have to say, for me i see the biggest problem being Aussie car enthusiasts attitudes! Most of what i hear and see is people acting like selfish, spoilt brats. We have to grow up. We have a great country that you can still enjoy a lot of freadom to like, drive, do what you want (a lot of asian, european, even american country's are much tougher with regards to costs, pressure's of population etc). If you study how and why the japs and european's act within there auto scene's it much more respectful and proffessional, thus creating a more dependable, solid state of affair for holding, supporting, respecting auto sports, traditions, and everything that comes with it. In Australia you can pretty much depend on most events being marred by some sort of general hooliganism. Once we learn to appreciate what we have and be grown ups about it. Then only will we be able to more forward. Luckily i see drifting as being a bit more progressive in its attitude due to the nature of the different styles of people it appreals to (unlike v8's etc which is pretty much westy bogan whitebread, louts) But the art of drifiting attracts a broader class of fans. (for me personally i was never into the car scene until drifting came along) which for me as a child was something i loved, getting sideways, i used to love looking back at my rear wheel on my dirt bike as i punched it through a corner spitting dirt out holdling onto the angle. I never thought there would acctually be a sport invovling road cars where this became the done thing! so happily to my surprise the rise of drifting happend . Gettin a bit off track. Point beeing, we need to mature and become a little more sophisticated in our attitudes towards the world. and car culture if we want to get respected and have more oppertunity to grow. Done (excuse my shit spelling.
  21. WTAC - Aussie Driver shout outs + support messages!

    Im thinking, hoping The main show, comp will be Saturday night year??? (friday just practice etc.. ? (as wont be able to make friday and would be devo'd if otherwise
  22. What happened to hip hop/rap?

    Here ya go. APATHY 'WANNA SNUGGLE' 09 awsome true school MC, solid album, on some more mature ish than previous freestyle albums etc. If you never heard of BRAINTAX from UK, check out his album 'BIROFUNK' fair few years old now, but a timeless hiphop album. Also UK HUSTLERS, PHI-LIFE CYPHER 'HIGHER FORCES' one of my fav, plus there previous album 'MILLENIUM METAPHORES' from 2000 but timeless no doubt. Not to mention LIFE MC, from (Phi-Life Cypher) Peep this album from 'OUTSIDE LOOKING IN' DJ nappa on production is always on some dope shit. One below 'SONOGRAM' awsome album. THE ROOTS' THINGS FALL APART' from way back now, but a classic HipHop Album if you never heard. Sooo much more but there's a taste. No commercial played out bullshit here, only true school Hiphop artists. Get on the real shit, you wont look back.
  23. WTA - Tectaloy Drift - August 5th/6th 2011

    Sweet, fink vids rock. Little teaser's always nice. LIke the madmike one i posted, its cool to get a taste of all the cars/drivers that will be competing on the day
  24. Fire sale Oconnor

    Howdy peeps, moved to sydney, gotta rid my life of some stuff. Big city now no freakin room for nothing ;( anyhow. Got some AVS model 5's had em painted while back, but they do have some damage, still fine for driving on thoe. COme wiht tyres fronts plenthy of tread, rears missmatched but still tread. SPare 18inch tyres 225/235/255 18's ALso some good Shelving sets to go, Leather coutch with matching chair, Green cruiser bike, newschool rowing machine. plus some s15 parts ie: sway bars, dump pipe, possib rear 5 stud hubs (may keep them acctually) etc.. Come get em today or they gone !0! Call me on 0405791820
  25. WTA - Tectaloy Drift - August 5th/6th 2011