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  1. Bride Zeta II & SR Turbo Brakes

    Few things for sale: - Bride Zeta II (one small rip) $400 - SR turbo front slotted rotors and callipers with new bendix pads installed $200 located westside brisbane casey
  2. casey dhnaram

    it's been a while..
  3. Pinky's S14a

    can't wait to shoot this thing again @ DA!
  4. VicDrift brings to you Hardtuned.net Drift Attack 2010

    can't wait guys! seeeeeeeee you all there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. casey dhnaram

    thanks guys, here is a few more =) To see full versions & descriptions, just click the images, CJ.
  6. casey dhnaram

    Starting up landscapes again: Click here
  7. Wanting a Job

    Hi NS, Unsure if this is worthy or not, but worth a try, I'm after a job in Brisbane area, or if anyone wants any photography work done or photoshoots just PM me! Tx!
  8. casey dhnaram

    2 freshies:
  9. Pinky's S14a

    this car is sooooo win, loved it at winton, te's all round rock!
  10. Pinky's S14a

    I managed to get some good photos of you at Winton yesterday matey
  11. My Photography - Just a noob.. trying to learn :)

    man awesome stuff, SPANK U is normally down 4 houses from me with another guy with a EVO with black TE37s, cool as if you don't mind sharing that location it looks seriously awesome, if not thats fine ! good set btw!
  12. FOSC @ Bathurst

    Hiya, Anyone heading down to Bathurst for the FOSC? -CJ

    someone buy my 300 f4 ISL
  14. casey dhnaram

    yessssssss thats good i'm currently shooting something a tad different but its still a sport, will update when I have some good content!
  15. casey dhnaram

    Hi NS, Here is my work from the drift dayyy, I think the afternoon turned out 20x better than the mornings, seemed like everyone had more time and was heaps more relaxed. Plenty of photos of everyone, if you want CD's or Prints just PM me! Special mention to Nick, seriously man you rock at driving in your 31, slowest car out there but you and rob where the most fun to watch 'backing' it in to the dipper, good stuff! Also took a fair bit of footage so hopefully If I am capable of putting a movie together, I will post it very soon, stay tuned! Full Set Can Be Viewed Here: Click Me Top Shots: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 -CJ.