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  1. Stock R33/ S14 Rims - Mint Condition

  2. Set of four stock R33/ S14 16x7+40 rims in VGC with minimum gutter rash on 2 rims There 5 stud,PCD is 114.3 & will also fit r32 r34 s14 s15 & some Commodores, Maximas, Magnas,etc Tyres are about 30% tread. Willing to drop off around Melbourne. $300 or nearest offer, message at any time. Nic M: 0424 676 470
  3. Price : $1,000 Condition : Used MY 180sx HAS BEEN SOLD AND I HAVE THESE PARTS LYING AROUND, COME & GET THEM!! 1. R33 Skyline Rear subframe - Great Condition - $150 ono. 2. R33 Skyline HICAS Unit - Great Condition - $65 ono. 3. HICAS Lock Bar - Black in colour - Brand New - $100 ono. 4. Nissan Silvia 180SX/S13 Bonnet Hood Strut Shock Support Damper Kit - $80 ono. 5. Nismo Gear Knob - $70 ono. 6. OEM 180sx/S13 Leather Gear Boot - $60 ono. 7. Thermo Fans - Ford AU - $60 ono. Willing to sell items in package to make it cheaper! What you see is what you get, these are the actual pictures I took of the items. Items are sold in as is condition, inspections welcome. Parts may be compatible with other models. While I will do my best to assist you, further research may be needed to check compatibility. Contact me if you have any further inquiries on 0424 676 470 show full number . I wanted to put all this into my modified 180sx but it has been sold too before I had a chance to complete my project, hopefully these will be great parts for your customization! Located Souther Eastern suburbs Melbourne - Chadstone Can organise delivery around Melbourne/Meet up if necessary.
  4. So, according to VicRoads...

    Just to give an update for anybody wanting more info, been doing some research, went onto the VicRoads website. Even though both cars are classed under PMR130 (power to weight) they have a different status. According to the Probationary Vehicles Database: Ford EcoBoost Turbo Intercooled 4 Cylinder - Approved 180sx Turbo Intercooled - Banned As has been stated before, it seem as if they're only allowing new model cars with this specific PMR plate, which is installed by the manufacturer, to be recognised under the new law.
  5. My 117kW NA EG Civic - Daily!

    PM Sent
  6. new car..!

    ROFL well isnt this thread going places!
  7. Great thread right here. LOL!!
  8. S14 sulfer smell

    Got the same thing in my dads Honda Accord. Only happens once u give it abit! We got honda to check the catalytic converter, they said they cleaned it and u couldnt smell it for a while after the service. But now and again the smell comes bak wen u boot it. No idea wat it could be?!?!
  9. Goodluck with it all mate!! Stand your ground, u did nothing wrong!
  10. Nissan 180SX Rajab custom body works

    Congrats man u got an awsum car! i live down the road and walk past pretty often always stare at ur car! lol!
  11. hey mate i had the same problem with my system after my cousin and i installed it. He had had previous knowledge and experience with systems and told me to take my headunit back to Pioneer, because i have a Pioneer headunit and get the preouts replaced. Afta getting this done for free, as the unit was still under warranty it plugged up and worked fine. Before this I used to get the same noise when i reved my car and people kept pointing towards the alternator as the problem, which it dosnt seem to have been. also you should look at your ground and make sure that it is bare metal to metal. you should scrape the paint off the chassis to make for a better earth. This should prevent the problem from occuring again. hope this helps