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  1. SCAMS

    yeah, it would be mad to fu*k up a scammer. im sure its possible some how... lol
  2. SCAMS

    i understand how this looks like a scam, and probably is one, but i dont understand money orders and how you can get screwed over once the money is cashed in
  3. SCAMS

    Lol am i retarded? the Q is are YOU retarded? There are legit people out there who do want to buy cars from overseas. I DIDNT SAY THIS WASNT SHIFTY. but i asked a Question, obviously one a retard like urself couldnt anwer. just wanted to know if there was any way a money order could FU*K up after its cashed in, but that must be too hard for a retard like yourself to understand. I see this is likely to be a scam. im just wondering about money orders, so if any1 here who doesnt have ADHD would like to come forward it would be appreciated...
  4. SCAMS

    well i guess its pretty simple anyways. i wont be sending anything to anyone without money in my pocket. i see how the cheque can bounce, but can anything go wrong once a money order is cashed in?
  5. SCAMS

    yeah, i know it sounds shifty. im going to call carsales soon... He did say he was going to send some extra money for the shipment as well. but if the money orders fake i just wont send the car Lol... also if this guy was a scammer, why wouldnt he be scamming bigger, thats what im confused about.
  6. SCAMS

    hanggg on a sec, how did u know i have a 300zx? lol... or are u just saying that they seriously need 300zx's there??
  7. SCAMS

    but ive told the guy i wont be sending the car till i have the money, and he seems to be fine with it. why would he waste hes time if he knows i wont send the car till i have the money lol
  8. SCAMS

    I have my car advertised on carsales, some guy who claims to be from the UK wants my car shipped to Ghana (africa) and says he will pay by bank cheque or money order. What you guys think about this?? If I got the money order and cashed it in, it will all be good... right???
  9. Zed cars

    haha thanks, i like ur car too... and mine but im pretty sure its time for mine to go... I wouldnt mind a 180sx. and its about time someone made an aus z31 forum, if i keep my car its definitely going to come in good use
  10. Zed cars

    i just joined up with your forum... good how i dont have to make 100 posts to start selling I put my z up for sale straight away haha. check it out.
  11. Impressions!

    damn good at impersonating people.
  12. Lol these guys have a loose screw, but i like it.

    first vid was just annoying. im probably going to have nightmares tonight.
  14. music programs?

    Damnnn. Lol. when i had fruity loops like a year ago i couldnt make anything like that. pretty sick, sounds professional.