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  1. My Plan To Fix Australia

    All for shakey for priminister say I
  2. Defect documentation

    Yeah just slap what ever they nailed you for back to stock and then replace once you are cleared. I have the same issue with the battery tray being modified to suit the piping. By what I have read reinforcing it with some steel, painting and slapping some protection around the piping will be ok. Still yet to confirm this.
  3. Defect documentation

    Are you talking about the hole they drill in the battery tray to run after market intercooler piping?
  4. Used to use one of these bad boys to hold the oil filter housing on the old Astras. They used to seize up and crack when you tried to loosen the cap off to take the cartridge filter out. Biggest PoS ever those cars.
  5. what the?

    NOPE! Everything on the internetzzz is real mang!
  6. car meets

    I'd be keen to join in on any meets to work on my contacts again. Been in hibernation for too long and I would like to meet more people who share the love/hate of cars like I do.
  7. The revival of DRF77Y

    Why hello everybody. It has been quite the time since I have set foot in this place. Some of you may remember me and most of you probably won't. Now I do believe it has been roughly 4 years since my rig was on the road and not much has changed in those 4 years. She's still has no rego and sitting collecting dust. But now it is time to give her the loving she needs and get her out and about. I never had the time or money to get stuck into her and finish my dreams. Between having a minion and hitting a real low in life, the last thing I wanted to do was touch the 180. So here it is the 180sx formally known as DRF77Y is getting revived. Previous mods are. S15 black top. Microtech LT10S ecu. Bosch 040 fuel pump. Stainless exhaust manifold and 3" zorst. Excedy clutch. Splitfire coils. Greddy intercooler. Plus some various little bits and pieces. Now with my career change I'm hoping to change the ecu setup, make up some sexy intercooler piping, get some new shoes, fix the body after my bingle and register her for my daily again. I'm currently learning how to tig weld and have been reading, and watching a few forums around. So hopefully I get a decent hand on me and can crack out some killer pipe work. I will be posting some pictures when I get home from work of the old girl and some pics from the old build.
  8. Did a quick search and found this. Check all the fuses, ensure they aren't blown and if you have sleepy eyes, check the module. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=501389&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1
  9. what the?

    *Runs into thread screaming* "Troll! In the dungeons! Thought you ought to know."
  10. The revival of DRF77Y

    This was when i first got it. And this is my daily, soon to be the partners car when she finally gets her license.
  11. The revival of DRF77Y

    This is the most recent picture of it, ignore the filter i was playing instagram. You can see that she is a bit dirty, sitting for 4 years does that to you. Ripped the interior apart to clean up some wiring. Removal of the old alarm system and to fix the fuel pump wiring that was hacked. When i removed the carpet was a birds nest underneath. I ripped out all the old DOOF DOOF system and cleaned the interior of old mould.
  12. Check where the lt is wired too. They could of grabbed their ignition power feed straight of the power windows. If so change that shit to the ignition switch.
  13. things that annoy you

    Lads. Just the way they look, act and just them all together. They annoy me more than anything.
  14. Eat all your veggies, get big and stonk, then remove it. A few ways to do it. The claw and short extension and shot ratchet. Push/pull really hard until you crap your dacks and break that god like seal. Or try the band style oil filter tool using similar procedure as the claw. Or a screw driver driven through it and make a mess. Once you do get it off either relocate the filter or lube that o'ring up so it doesn't stick like a mofo.
  15. S14 Will not start

    Can have all the volts in the world still have to look at the cold cranking amps. If that's dead or low, it's gonna be a bugger to start. As others have stated check the terminals to the battery and starter motor. Give the starter a good smack as someone turns the key. Try jump starting it and if you succeed, grab a multimeter and check if the old girl is charging.
  16. Hey all i thought i would share with you some before and after pics.. If you all didnt know a few weeks ago i come loose on the freeway after dropping the mrs home.. If anyone is from the coast they will know where im talking about. Anyways i dropped my mrs home at Ourimbah, after i came onto the freeway climbing up Ourimbah Hill i hit a wet patch and started sliding sideways. Me trying to correct it, i failed and i ended up looping and hitting the right hand gaurd rail. Luckly for me i was only doing 80km and not boosting it, i didnt damage anything mechanical or structual or any of my sespension. I just damaged my undies and gaurds lol. So that night i was out the back with the porta power and dolly straightening my rear quarter, whilst i was fixing the damage i fixed some shopping trolly dents and car door dents. Im in the process now of deciding if i should go a S13.5 conversion or get wider front gaurds. Im liking the look of the car in primer patches, it looks mean and like a real drift car Here are the pics
  17. Posting this question for a friend as I'm not sure of the answer myself... "ok the situation is: I have 2nd hand east bear (r34 gtr copy) seats. They will bolt up to R33, R32 Gtst and GTR, will not directly bolt on to an R34 GTT, though they might be compatible with other cars not sure... I want to fit them in my s15... other than buying dedicated s15 rails (which will be expensive) can the rails be modified easily and if so, how?"
  18. Any WoW Freaks out there?

    You know i never thought id get into wow i use to play Wc3 and starcraft but yeah made a trail account now i have a 80 dwarf pally and a few wanna be twinks on suarfang ... If any of you are on suarfang add us names bolfïn
  19. Tips for the strip

    Hey all thinking of taking the 180 down on the strip, never doing this before. I just want to see how i will run down there, as alot of people keep asking me what my car runs down the strip. Id like to know what PSI you boys ran your tyres, what rev ranges you all shifted and dumped at. Im just curious on the ways you boys drove it down the track. Throw me your tips and headups.
  20. Hey all ok well ill cut straight to the chase. I got a baby due in under 9 months and i would like to get another job before the wonderful blessing is born, atm i am a fully qualified motor mechanic and it is shit pay. I wont lie i love the work i love the job but the pay is shit and i would like to move to another career that does pay well. The only problem is i didnt do my HSC and my year 10 cetificate marks aint to flash hot. I started my apprenticeship when i was 15 i left directly after school to start it, which means i have no experience in anything else but mechanical. What do you boys/girls recon i could head into i thought about working in repco or bursons as a parts supplier but also heard that the pay is shit to. I want a decent paying job with good security. At the moment im on roughly 600 a week if i work half day saturdays too. Throw your ideas at me boys and girls
  21. Cars you hate

    Ok was just thinking of all the cars i hate and thought i would see what you all hate.. My list 1. All deawoos 2. Any Holden European Trash Bag 3. All Vans There are more but if i keep going, like 2 cars will not be mentioned lol Your turn.
  22. It really comes down to the porting of the head design the intake design and the stroke. Obviously the exhaust design and shape, if you have a full 3" zorst no mufflers with flutes on a s13 sr20det its going to sound totally different to a 3" zorst with 1 muffler and a cannon.
  23. The Youtube Thread

    How to do an engine removal on a falcon "> " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="344">