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  1. My Plan To Fix Australia

    All for shakey for priminister say I
  2. Defect documentation

    Yeah just slap what ever they nailed you for back to stock and then replace once you are cleared. I have the same issue with the battery tray being modified to suit the piping. By what I have read reinforcing it with some steel, painting and slapping some protection around the piping will be ok. Still yet to confirm this.
  3. Defect documentation

    Are you talking about the hole they drill in the battery tray to run after market intercooler piping?
  4. Used to use one of these bad boys to hold the oil filter housing on the old Astras. They used to seize up and crack when you tried to loosen the cap off to take the cartridge filter out. Biggest PoS ever those cars.
  5. what the?

    NOPE! Everything on the internetzzz is real mang!
  6. car meets

    I'd be keen to join in on any meets to work on my contacts again. Been in hibernation for too long and I would like to meet more people who share the love/hate of cars like I do.
  7. Did a quick search and found this. Check all the fuses, ensure they aren't blown and if you have sleepy eyes, check the module. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=501389&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1
  8. what the?

    *Runs into thread screaming* "Troll! In the dungeons! Thought you ought to know."
  9. The revival of DRF77Y

    This was when i first got it. And this is my daily, soon to be the partners car when she finally gets her license.
  10. The revival of DRF77Y

    This is the most recent picture of it, ignore the filter i was playing instagram. You can see that she is a bit dirty, sitting for 4 years does that to you. Ripped the interior apart to clean up some wiring. Removal of the old alarm system and to fix the fuel pump wiring that was hacked. When i removed the carpet was a birds nest underneath. I ripped out all the old DOOF DOOF system and cleaned the interior of old mould.
  11. Check where the lt is wired too. They could of grabbed their ignition power feed straight of the power windows. If so change that shit to the ignition switch.
  12. things that annoy you

    Lads. Just the way they look, act and just them all together. They annoy me more than anything.
  13. Eat all your veggies, get big and stonk, then remove it. A few ways to do it. The claw and short extension and shot ratchet. Push/pull really hard until you crap your dacks and break that god like seal. Or try the band style oil filter tool using similar procedure as the claw. Or a screw driver driven through it and make a mess. Once you do get it off either relocate the filter or lube that o'ring up so it doesn't stick like a mofo.