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  1. As stated above, would prefer if located in VIC. Willing to swap for my later model bar which is in great condition. Please contact 0416 165 Two Five Two Thanks!
  2. As the title says, looking for either a front or rear bar for a 180SX. Would prefer standard in VIC Thanks!
  3. Hand made Toyota 2000GT

    Where have I said it's going to be bigger than ever???? Please, show me? And you are the one that keeps referring to Tv shows. I have simply stated that it's not the 'dying art' you claim it is. Your only argument that new technology is making it obsolete could be used for any skill or trade
  4. Hand made Toyota 2000GT

    Clearly you like to base your posts on your own mislead opinions and gross generalistaions, but if you are at all interested in this topic here is an insteresting read for you: http://www.panel-craft.com/news.php "Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in "handmade" cars. The reason for this growing awareness can be attributed to the many shows seen on television highlighting shops and individuals building custom cars and motorcycles."
  5. Hand made Toyota 2000GT

    So you are saying that despite all the new machinery and technology you spoke of in your earlier posts that this industry has remained stagnant for 50 years????
  6. Hand made Toyota 2000GT

    Ha ha! You clearly have no handle on what these guys do if you are comparing them to panel beaters of 50 years ago...
  7. king of stroker kits SR27VE

    Who is the test pig?
  8. Hand made Toyota 2000GT

    These guys we are talking about arent crash repair panel beaters. They are metal shapers, not old fashioned tin bashers...

    There is product from Loctite called "Freeze & Release" which is great for this purpose. Give your studs a good spray with this and it effectively shrinks them and makes it much easier to knock them in with the rubber mallet. You may need to use the wheel nut to tighten them and get them all the way home (as described by someone above). Its available from most Burson's or Repco.
  10. Hand made Toyota 2000GT

    I hear what you are saying but fortunately I don't think its becoming a lost art. Of course new process are evolving everyday, but rust never sleeps... Old cars are becoming rarer and more valuable, and are now finding themselves in the hands of people that have the money to spend on restoring them correctly. For many of these unique older cars hand built parts are the only option, which creates a demand for these skills.
  11. R200 taller gears needed

    Hello Alan, I run a 3.15:1 nismo crown wheel and pinion in my R200. I dont know if you can still buy them new, but Kameari is another option: http://kameariusa.com/L6_r200.php
  12. Hand made Toyota 2000GT

    If you are referring to the above rear quarter its not a HQ as you stated above, its a HG/HK. The dies are not available so you cannot buy them from rare spares. And yes, there are 'peanuts' that are willing to pay that money for them. Have a look at this HG on ebay to see how much these are going for: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HG-GTS-MONARO-V8-SHELL-AND-HG-81837-350-BATHURST-TAGS-/110683999715?pt=AU_Cars&hash=item19c547cde3
  13. Hand made Toyota 2000GT

    To give you an example that Monaro rear quarter by Tomassini is around $8K. Its a f*ckn work of art! I cant remember exactly how many hours he said goes into one.
  14. S13 wheel studs

    I have used longer 'NICE' wheels studs which seem to be OK. Im sure they are available online, but you can order them through any Repco...
  15. Roo Wills/Stay Classy Photography