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  1. My parents are selling their house, so I'm losing my warehouse (the garage). Pick up only, don't ask to ship. Pick up from Wollstonecraft. Contact via text/call only, I don't log on here that often. Tim: 0418418242 1) $50. Random stock S15 parts, plus 1 S13 part. I'm not parting this out, take 1 you take all, should be cheap enough. All parts are stock S15, unless otherwise stated. Front brake rotors, rear caliper, S15 starter motor, S13 starter motor, handbrake cables, engine mounts, gearbox mounts, front strut tops, 1 piece of engine bay trim plus 5 plastic push pin things, A-pillar plastic, random vac hose(s), metal vac hose T piece, double sided tape, gal wire, home made secondary bonnet catch needed for track days, generic BOV, air intake box with Apexi filter (box has the hole cut out of the bottom). 2) Sold. 3) $10. Uniden CB radio. Works fine. 4) $50. 1KG CAMS compliant fire extinguisher with mounting bracket. Never used, seal is still intact. Only mounted in my car a couple of times for track days. 5) $50. S15 project MU HC+ rear pads. Used. 5~6mm meat left. 6) $100. Everything listed above.
  2. it was for an S15. it was about 4 years ago though, so i doubt the pricing will be the same. i think shipping was extra.
  3. check with Mercury Motorsport. they are in QLD though, so im not sure how much shipping will be. when I bought them a few years ago from them, they were $198 each.
  4. Sell me your boot badge?

    maybe not $20, but $25 did hehe
  5. Sell me your boot badge?

    hey mate, ive got a new one that im selling. i didnt end up putting it on my car, and now my car is sold. its new, genuine, and in box. $80 check my for sale thread: for sale thread
  6. braided brake lines

    if you are doing track work then i would say they are well worth it. I noticed that when coupled with my brake setup i did not get any brake fade at all. I had standard calipers, with upgraded rotors, pads, braided lines, and RBF600 fluid and it braked very well.
  7. i had mine anodised. it turned out great. it cost around $100. forgot who did it, but your in Vic so i wouldn't know anyone down there. just google for places that do anodising. i dont have photos of it up close when it was off the car, but this is what it looks like when on the car....stealthy!
  8. here is boxheadmr's video. http://www.youtube.com/user/boxheadmr#p/u/8/_el7mgt-30o
  9. boxhead had a good video on how he did his. Ill try and find it, or if you see this Matt pls post it up?
  10. they should be the same. although, you should just buy my Nismo diff Nismo Diff for sale
  11. i would also suggest camber tops for the front, you'll get more camber adjustment available than with camber pins alone. rear adjustable toe arms.....to adjust rear toe. alloy subframe bushes. to lock up the rear subframe, when i put them in, it stopped the rear end feeling kind of 'floaty'.
  12. Jacky Yick's s15

    there is a build thread on the Drift Garage S13 on silviansw.com