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  1. 2003 ST246 Toyota CaldinaWhite112,000ks on the clock (Genuine)Tein Super Street coiloversBliz catback with custom pipe before dumpTrust eletronic boost controllerBlitz BOV atmoKenwood double din deck with some 6.5" speakersRecently brought new tyresMu type pads and rotorsHad a major service by KYP @ 80,000ksPhotos to come$7500 firm Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/SkNAezkH2af6EoDBA
  2. Garrett GT Turbos

    PM sent Morrie. Have brought off him before and received excellent service before and after.
  3. We will fix it on the weekend. Will be easy. People trying to diagnose issues on a forum fail as they cant physically see/hear the issue or the conditions.
  4. Running rich on dyno

    o2 sensor I told you already Brian Unplug the o2 sensor if no change then you know it most likely that if anything come around and borrow mine as i have 2 spare
  5. AE86 or CEFFY

    Doriman-13 unlike you mr wanna be cheap ass who doesn't even modify there own sports car. You just buy a car and pretend you are fully sick but really your just a wanker. then sell it and buy another. If someone has something different or isn't cool enough for your own taste you dis that person and there car. How about walk over your bridge and get a f**king life and buy a camry as you cant handle a sports car. You can dislike my Cefiro as much as you like but keep your retarded and bais dribble to yourself as ive never ever heard you say anything helpful or nice. Also you don't know me please don't comment about me like you know me because seriously you don't know me. I brought my car because i like to modify my car everything done on my car is done by me and me only.
  6. AE86 or CEFFY

    My 2 cents get a Cefiro it is everything you want plus more Plus you can drive off the track and cops will barely look at you twice Ive owned a 180 there nice but Cefiro is a lot more rare in Perth so people will look twice