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  1. the Black Engine Bay Masters!

    Nice fitment with the Z32 afm on the factory airbox. Is the egr working? The Z32 AFM is a real tight fit with the factory airbox. No, the EGR (most of it) is just there for appearance sake, it is not connected. What sort of intercooler are you running? what sort of power are you making? Have you had trouble with IAT temps being high with that setup? I'm looking into doing something similar. I'm currently running a cooling pro just jap ARC copy return flow using the stock pipes - I want to avoid having to go front mount or engine bay mount with custom pipes etc but still want to pull reliable 250rwkw or so. Thanks
  2. Gearbox regrets

    Yep. I had this exact same issue. Spent hours on my back trying to line up the box into the shaft, only to realise the brand new nissan brass spigot bearing was installed slightly out of alignment, causing the box to not want to go on. After realising it was something to do with the spigot bush, I tried using a dremel with a drum sander on the end but it didnt make much difference as it was warped quite badly. Luckily i had a spare lying around, so i installed it carefully and box went in sweet after that.
  3. Meek automotive V&E Rigoli Billtech Hi Octane racing
  4. How old are u and what import you drive?

    Great thread! I'm 29. Bought my first 180sx at 18. I've been through a heap of cars since then: About 5 180sx's, GC8 WRX, N14, R34 GTT, R32 gtst, civic vtir, NJ Pajero and SV62 vitara, all bought in various conditions (a couple of rolling shells) and sold for various reasons: travelling, uni fees, wedding, houses, cracking the shits, other investments, etc I currently have a very stock 95 180sx auto which sits at home unregistered and an NJ Pajero for 4x4/camping. Not going to sell the 180sx for a long time as its the cleanest one yet and ive ticked alot of the 'growing up' boxes
  5. WOW - What happened?

    Agreed....also the classifieds section, and off topic for lols
  6. I have a 95 180sx with airbag. It kinda looks like the R33 series 1.5 skyline wheel/n15 pulsar wheel. Would any of these work for me? (sorry for thread hijack)
  7. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=534438 I have seen 'Klippan' Australian designed seat belts in pretty much all 180sx's i've seen
  8. NIStune Setup/Tuning/Hardware, etc.

    +1. Johnny is a good guy. He road tuned my RB20DET for a good thrashing. Will be taking my SR20DET 180 to him for a nistune tune
  9. I have a second hand one i pulled off a running sr20de 93 model. It worked when I pulled it off, blew cold air. $80 plus delivery to where you are
  10. Hi all, In preparation for my 180sx comeback, I've got some things lying around the house I need to clear before I can get into the swing of a new build I've got pics of everything, so if you're interested, just pm me your mobile number and ill text you. Pair of chrome/silver 17x7 +38 5x114.3 Desmond wise sports rims - sure if 2 piece or 3 piece. Good yokohama s-drive tyres. some rash. $150 Pair of white 17x8 +40~ something 5x114.3 (supra/soarer fitment) avs vs5 5x114.3 rims. Good tyres cant remember what. $150 s13 catback 3inch with hi flow cat- jasma Fujitsubo oval muffler. plenty of holes in axle back section from low car. mufllers and cat still good. $50 s14 stock plastic engine undertray- increase your aerodynamics! $50 stock r33 gtr intercooler core - slight damage to top of core- no leaks - $10 stock s15 intercooler piping- assorted - $10 sr20de S13 1993 RWD motor- doesnt turn. dont know whats wrong. could be snapped rocker arm or chain tensioner. motor stopped running while it was idling. Fully dressed minus flywheel, clutch, exhaust, ecu, power steer pump and bracket. $200 Veilside 180sx front bar and side skirts -FREE Vertex 180sx rear bar x2- suit drift, needs some fibreglass work $50 each ca18det rwd flywheel $20 driver and passenger window regulator and glass for s13 $30 each side nismo rear springs $20 located fairfield area

    ive got sr20de airbox and pipe $100 s13 3inch exhaust cat- back, jasma approved, has lots of holes in the axle back section. mufflers ok. $30
  12. 180sx stock VLSD for drifting?

    I put a .8mm shim in my stock 180sx ca18det R200 vlsd 4.3 ratio. It was good at the start, skipped around in the carpark, powered out of corners nicely etc. I did one peanut drift day with near-standard power and it loosened right up, started single legging by the end of the day. Chucked a weldie in and never had a problem single legging
  13. Advice/Opinions on Respray

    I had my R32 GTST resprayed in AH3 factory red by the cheap respray group- Hollylea rd. smash in Campbelltown nsw. The guys fixed a couple of dings and done a closed door for $1400. The finish wasnt great- the detailer left swirl marks but once that was rectified, it turned out awesome. The factory type m skirts, lights, badges, window trims, rear pods were removed for respray. For the price, I couldnt complain.
  14. WOW - What happened?

    I like the consolidation pmod suggested here. Would be good if 'Quick Links' can be customisable (if it isnt already) as it is subjective to the user, or base it on the most frequented areas of the site for that user
  15. WOW - What happened?

    Wow it has died in the ass. All the pics are gone! Such a wealth of information it once was here...and a great laugh too. I hope this forum gets restored to its former glory. The SAU forums seem to be doing it right- simple forum, mobile app, etc I've since moved on to different cars but I always find myself coming back to s-chassis. Gone are the days you could pick up a decent and clean s13/180 for 5k in Sydney