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  1. s13 P Plate Build

    Anyone know any good place in SA to get wide fenders and kits put on that also does resprays ?
  2. s13 P Plate Build

    the LEDs are looking sweet
  3. s13 P Plate Build

    Cheers for the pic , sorry my phone has a bad camera, had a good look and there is no bolts plugging any of the galleries they are just closed off im guessing its a DE then? ill upload a better pic soon cheers
  4. s13 P Plate Build

    got a few pics i found
  5. s13 P Plate Build

    ill get some pics now
  6. s13 P Plate Build

    pretty sure previous owner just put the turbo spark plug cover on , the rest of the parts seem to match the NA motor.. any other ways to tell?
  7. s13 P Plate Build

    just a few pics installed the LED taillights and new roof visor
  8. s13 P Plate Build

    picked up some pacemaker extractors a lot lighter and better design than the stock manifold just need a new catback and the exhaust is done!
  9. s13 P Plate Build

    spent the afternoon removing the exhuast and exhaust manifold with the brother getting it ready for extractors and a catback setup
  10. s13 P Plate Build

    thinking something like work kais
  11. s13 P Plate Build

    Hey man just getting the body cleaned up and painted then ill start with the suspension mods then the motor
  12. s13 P Plate Build

    got my new Smoked LED rear taillights will go on once shes painted heres a pic next to the old lights
  13. s13 P Plate Build

    after a couple of days my body kit had arrived came complete with front & rear bumper and grille plus side skirts still have to order some wide body front & rear fenders brother gave me some help test fitting the kit it looks pretty sweet..
  14. s13 P Plate Build

    Starting a little build on my s13. get my license back soon so getting her ready for then got it in pretty rough condition needed some love and care.. had a mate help give her a good clean and replace a few parts car is pretty much stock so a great base to start interior is all there has HUD display and s14 seats apart from that just needs a good tidy and some bits re trimmed body is pretty strait but my first thing on the list is a new paint job along with a body kit ordered a BN style kit made by TeamJetSpeed here are some pics of the car before i got started..