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  1. New owner of a blue s15 spec R

    Hey guys just an update since I still can't drive it until another month, but I ended up painting the rocker cover. Sanded all the paint even though it was already damaged Did 2 light coats and 2 medium coats Then sanded back the letters and this is what it looks like on the car now
  2. New owner of a blue s15 spec R

    Hmm thanks, I shall see where I go. But another question is im looking at a new double din headunit, has anyone purchased or used the 100 - 200 dollar ones off eBay?

    grey s15 with black te37 in parafield area
  4. Brimstone103's Blue build

    it is such a tasteful blue!
  5. New owner of a blue s15 spec R

    Woah, I never realised that the nismo cluster costs that much. Sorry I wrote the post in a rush before, I have updated it with a bit more detail. Also, I am thinking of getting a new pod filter because mine is quite old and dirty. Do you guys reckon I should get the same one or different one?
  6. New owner of a blue s15 spec R

    dont really have future plans for it at the moment, I'm quite happy with the car. But I will see once i actually start to drive it
  7. New owner of a blue s15 spec R

    Hey guys, new owner of a Spec R s15 here. So recently I just swapped my Mazda 3 sp23 plus a bit of cash for this s15. I still can't drive it until early September due to me being on my P's, but it is worth the wait. The previous owner had it imported in 2009. So I bought it with the following: - 100,000 kilometres. - APEXi Pod Filter (507-N005) - Nismo Cluster - PowerGetter exhaust system - Darkest Legal Tint - 17" Gold Volk Gramlights 57c - Kenwood Double Din Headunit - Clear indicators - Aftermarket tail lights The Kenwood head unit only has Japanese frequency which only goes to 90.00 and no USB or AUX so I am looking to get that changed first.