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  1. Mitsubishi Starion build (AXELR8)

    Driveshaft is going to give me to many headaches so that will most likely be taken to a shop to get cut, rewelded and balanced as i don't that thing flying up into the cabin
  2. Mitsubishi Starion build (AXELR8)

    So ran into first major you could say problem. The diameter of the brake booster is so large that the intake manifold can't bolt straight up so currently looking into swapping out the brake booster for another one with a smaller diameter as there is not much I can do with the intake. Pain in the ass but hopefully can figure out something soon as I don't to install a delete kit. Shitty photo and brake booster is not connected but the drum of the brake booster hits the curl you could say of the intake manifold
  3. Mitsubishi Starion build (AXELR8)

    Exhaust system has swapped sides to the Starion engines so custom exhaust will be made up some stage to swap over to the stock side making me able to use stock hangars etc.
  4. Mitsubishi Starion build (AXELR8)

    And yes that is my carpet for now. Seats are on the list of things to be done
  5. Mitsubishi Starion build (AXELR8)

    Using the stock engine mounts allowed me to use the stock gearbox crossmember location with the s13 crossmember. Gearstick now sits a bit back from the factory position so the tunnel was cut and centre console moved back
  6. Mitsubishi Starion build (AXELR8)

    Deciding whether or not to chuck in another 4g54 and go down the supercharger/turbo road I ultimately chose an sr20 Was an absolute bargain, perfect for the Starion. Engine, Gearbox, trans mount, uncut wiring, ecu, exhaust system, driveshaft, piping EVERYTHING Engine Is a very tight fit as the stock engine mounts were used with a bit of modding to the brackets themselves. Rather the engine dropping In on the mounts the brackets where cut to the holes so it would easily kind of slide in as it was impossible for the engine and box to drop in as it would just hit the firewall.
  7. Mitsubishi Starion build (AXELR8)

    So I'm out at a meet/cruise one night and I fry the head on the little 4g54. Sooooooooo out comes the engine/box etc...
  8. Mitsubishi Starion build (AXELR8)

    Decided I wanted to restore the wheels so picked up these from my mates 180sx and will be rolling on them for quite some time now. They are 17x8 all round +30/40 from memory. Sit quite nicely on the car
  9. Mitsubishi Starion build (AXELR8)

    Long time no posts but a lot has been happening and have big plans ahead. Got sick of the crappy paint job the starion had so i thought id give it a go painting the car myself until ive got the spare $$ to get it done professionally.
  10. Mitsubishi Starion build (AXELR8)

    Got 28mm spacers on the front on rear now. Fitment much better then before
  11. Mitsubishi Starion build (AXELR8)

    Got three out of four wheels on. One has stripped nut... Going to run 30mm spacers all round. Will try and get this week but I need to get a new windshield.. The rest of the wheels I hope to paint this and also clean up brakes, springs etc. will keep you guys posted. Quick sprayed a little bit of wheel to see what they'd look like on car and I like