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  1. S14a 2jz swap needs?!

    Lol a lot off threads because I got a lot of questions I don't have answers for unlike a few people I don't pretend I know everything I'm on few different forms too like 300zx forum,Yamaha forum,skyline forum,Holden forum etc... I must have dreamed my car aswell so I'll just dream the 2 jz later in life that's gonna be a sticky night
  2. S14a 2jz swap needs?!

    Yeah I must be dreaming if I already have the block of land by age of 25-28 I'll get there if I forget about my car but hey I'm just a dreamer I'll just dream my way there.
  3. S14a 2jz swap needs?!

    Today my mate showed me his house that's getting built I think it changed my hole perspective on what needs to go first I'm having second thoughts about it all. Thank tho everyone for the help yous been.
  4. S14a 2jz swap needs?!

    Hi everyone i have a s14a with s15 engine and gearbox I was half way through my modding decided to change my goals and go with the 2jz engine swap and the r154 5 speed gearbox 2jz known for being a strong engine the engine being able to handle up to 900 hp on stock internals seems like a better option so I'm saying goodbye to all my other toys just fund this need. I know that I will need the 2jz engine r154 gearbox and the mounts,clutch, custom made exhaust,engine wiring, ecu,wiring,custom made tail shaft,but what other little bits and pieces will I need to complete this project. I'm sorry if this topic is elsewhere but I tried searching I couldn't find what I was looking for. Any information shared is well appreciated and if someone that already done this swap can tell me what troubles they stumbled on through this project would be highly appreciated too. Might aswell do it right the 3rd time lol. And also what parts would I need to remove from my current setup and am able to sell? Thanks
  5. Gtx2860r vs gt2860rs!

    Ok so I was looking for a turbo now Garrett has the new generation of gt called the gtx with 11 blades daul ball bearing with higher power output? So was wondering if anyone is using the gtx2860r what cams suit them and are they really worth the price?
  6. The best cams for disco potato?

    Thanks again unseen is there a safe way to bash the limiter ? And I bought a gk-tech rocker arm stoppers are they easy install would I be able to do it myself?
  7. The best cams for disco potato?

    Ok I don't wanna take a dump without wiping lol you had me convinced at dumping. Lol And thanks for the exact lift measurements.
  8. The best cams for disco potato?

    Ok thanks everyone
  9. The best cams for disco potato?

    Ok so changing valve spring will stop the valve float down the line somwhere and from my piston hitting it . Thanks can you explain what you said the-unseen in noob words? Lol
  10. The best cams for disco potato?

    thank you green s14 for expelaining it in understanding words
  11. The best cams for disco potato?

    Lol I'm still new to silvias doesn't mean I was busing it before i like how this car rear end seem to kick out easy and the weight so I might keep it for 10 to 20 years or more lol I'm in absolute no hurry in the swap I can ride my motorbikes or jetski while I wait No biggy mate! I'll go with the brian crowers cams stage 1 and why should I upgrade the springs just For knowledge what r the benefits ? Thanks
  12. The best cams for disco potato?

    Yeah lol I'm still learning
  13. The best cams for disco potato?

    Dw I'm 7/1996 that's series 2 lol nearly scared myself a little hah
  14. The best cams for disco potato?

    Oh god lol I just bought a apexi power fc ecu that's for s14a/s15 would this fir on my car if it's series 1?!!?!!? Shhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeett
  15. The best cams for disco potato?

    Yeah the engine rb26debt for 4000$ the mount is like 400-600$ to out into s14 not sure about the gearbox or the tailshaft but it's not far off from the amount I've spent to get s14 engine gear box installing it and diffrent parts and how do I check if my s14 is jdm or s14a I know it's a noob question so easy with the pay outs lol