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  2. hmmm, not quite complimenting for a s14. sorry mate, but its personal choice
  3. Stereotypical driver busted for speeding...

    i was about to say the same thing! but still... what an idiot not really, most parts of welly road is straight and down hill! very easy to get up speed. also he would have been in excess of 130km/h to 140km/h. may have been a gtr and not a gtst as someone said as they are cheap as now and plenty around. so what if its over the power to wieght ratio. majority of members here own cars that are over the power to weight ratio. and many of us have disable the speed restrictor/limiter. the cops were too linient, they should have impounded the car for at least 3 monts (extenuating circumstances are present to bypass the initial 48hr impound period). then they should take him to court and make him have a massive fine (about 5k) as well as court costs and impound and towing fees. then they should take away his priviledge to drive for at least 12 months and also give him about 12 months of a community based order at may be the alfred hospital trauma ward to see first hand the damage road accident have to the human body and the emmotional trauma that follows. angelo
  4. In Need Of A 180sx Head Light

    +1 for holfords. they might just have the loom and plugs that you need instead of the whole unit
  5. good mechanix in melbourne

    GSB Automotive in glen waverly is good too - for all types of cars.
  6. who's going....

    for sure! to bulla. cos its cheap for me (monash uni has a chalet for staff and students) costs about $120 (from memory) for the week and you get discounted rental and discounted passes for the lifts!
  7. Silvia S15 Re-Shell

    It's the same shell. The manufacture plate on the chassis says what options it was manufactured as. So if you re-shell into a non-aero then people who know what to check will value it less. However it will look exactly the same when the body dress up bits are transferred over.
  8. Need Help in Mechatronics Assignment!

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    I heard there expensive but dont know how much. How much are you asking for yours

    whats your budget?
  11. Scissor Doors for S15!

    Hi everyone I need to know if anyone knows where I can get normal door hinges, as I brought this car and my passengers are sick of doing a bloody gymnastics routine to get into the sissor doors. Thanks a million 😂✌
  12. Hi there looking for a oem gt aero front bar. I've called so many places. No one has them. I don't care about the colour the car is getting painted. Thanks I'm located in Sydney. Willing to pay for post Contact me on 0429499271
  13. Hi, does anybody know what brand is this board or what program use to tune it? I cant seem to find much info on it, its in 1 of my s15, i allready msged nistune but they said its not theres, thanks in advance
  14. So I just bought a S15 Spec R of my boss and before him was imported in 2010 and its had a transmission swap done. You can see the adapter plate and custom mounts and I'm not sure what transmission it is, any help would be appreciated cheers
  15. Watch Dogs

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  16. Watch Dogs

    what is this about. A game?
  17. id personally save up a bit and run a 350z box or rb25det box? is that a option?
  18. Silvia S15 Re-Shell

    Here's the aftermath.....
  19. Hey forums, I'm the lucky owner of a 99 S15 Spec-R Aero which decided to loose the back end and slam into a passing Range Rover :/ Whilst the chassis is still straight I fancy a full on project and want to re-shell 'the bitch'. My question to those that know is: Is the S15 Spec -R Aero essentially the same shell as a regular S15 with added spats, spoiler, lights etc? I can get a Jap import shell and want to make sure its the same as the one I currently have. Thanks
  20. Drift Games......

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  21. Drift Games......

    I love drift games. Thanks for this topic
  22. That site doesn't work for vehicles in Australia
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  24. nice topic. It is very useful
  25. Hello all and welcome back to another tutorial. I hope you have been well, if you are reading this, we have a video detailing the process just below, and below that we have a write up for those who prefer some good reading material. Today we will be installing the Option B Blue Seats into the S15 Note: Most seats out of all S Chassy's are compatible with one another. If you have an old 180, 240, s13, s14, s15, then all the seats are interchangeable as the rails remain the same. So you can swap new seats into your old car, or if you have a nice set of aftermarket seats, and you're buying a new silvia to sell your old one, then you can slap them right into the new one. Now let's proceed with the installation. If you have aftermarket seats, then you will need to make sure you purchase S-Chassy rails, the bride rails sit well in the s15 and are a nice option. Step 1: You will need to remove the old seats from the car, this is quite straight forward. You will need a socket set, from memory i believe the size of the bolt was 12mm but i cannot remember exactly, as long as your set ranges from 8mm to 18mm you should be fine Step 2: Locate the 4 bolts on each seat. You will find that there are 2 on the floor under the front of the seat, and when you move the seat forward, there are 2 at the back you will need to remove, one will be on the floor and the other against the transmission tunnel. Step 3: I recommend unscrewing the front bolts until they are barely still in the hole, and can be removed with fingers, then sliding the seat forward to remove the rear ones and then you can reach underneath and undo the front ones. but, this is just how i did it, you find a way that suits you Step 4: Tilt the seat backwards, you may see 1 or 2 connectors under there. Most people will only have 1 connector which is used to check if your seatbelt is plugged in, you will need to unplug this to remove the seat. Now you might be special, and have 2 connectors, this is not very likely, but if you are, shoot me a PM if you're removing your seats and you have that yellow connector you have an extra step that needs to be taken Step 5: Gently remove the seat from the car, without breaking anything or scratching anything. Step 6: You might notice that your new/old whatever seats do not have the seat belt buckles on them, before you put them into the car, it would be a good time to remove the buckle off your old seat, and attach it to your new one. should be the same size bolt which is used to anchor the chair to the ground. Step 7: Gently install the replacement seat into the car and pretty much repeat steps 4 to 1 in reverse order. (Again, for those of you with the yellow plug, PM me for step 4.5) Step 8: Make sure all the bolts are nice and tight because this is what saved you from flying through the windshield at a sudden stop or crash Step 9: You're done! If you enjoyed this tutorial, you should consider checking out my other ones. I have quite a few videos focusing on aesthetics for the s15 and i plan to release a few more in the near future. Please also feel free to check out my channel for video guides and vlogs. Thanks for your time. Peace!
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